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Lush is the word to describe the planet if we pool together! #greenliving #susty #solar

LushwazeA new project is now being set up by the creator of this blog.

As usual, it is only made to share information for free, but, this time, it will be much better if we all participate.

Once running, Lushwaze will provide user generated information about as many green projects as possible.

Sustainable architecture, sustainable agriculture, urban farming, waste recycling, renewable energy, water efficiency, there is no end to the new world out there.  Some projects are massive, other are minute, all are equally important but too many live hidden in the shadow of the corporate pesticide money  and choke under the fumes of fossil fuels’ power.

By giving all those projects a more prominent voice, we breathe life energy into the green movement and speed up its growth.

So, sign up already today and, even before Lushwaze is up, you can start participating.

Simply keep track of all green projects you come across and find out their exact location. This will come in very handy when Lushwaze comes up.

Also, like Lushwaze Facebook page.  You can also sign up straight from there by clicking on the “Sign Up” button on the page.

We count on you!
Share widely and wisely 🙂

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