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Resounding Success for First Mass Self-Publishing Event #writers #writing #selfpub

Of turtles and chocolate

By  (Reposted with permission)

This Sunday was historical. Not in the historical sense of the Mayflower, but in the sense of pivotal events in the history of A few years from now, when we have millions of books and tens of thousands of contributors, when we show up on the first page of search in any category, we will be able to look back to a few important moments in our history.

This past Sunday evening was one of those moments. About twenty friends and some strangers came together to make books happen. Together. On Ourboox. Some brought material that they had ‘sat on’ for years. Some wrote original stories. Eight books were uploaded the same evening, and another dozen in the following days. We have now passed the 600 book mark and continue to climb and advance in all our key parameters.

One of our guests at the event was the young Daniel Shafrir, son of our friend Amit Shafrir from Washington. “Give me a title and I’ll write you a book” he said. So I did. I asked him, “Write about why Turtles Live Longer”. And he did. Check it out. It’s cute, whimsical and philosophical. A perfect combination to our library.

So here is the next Ourboox challenge: friends and community members, I challenge you to write a book called “When Chocolate Doesn’t Work” and upload it to Ourboox. We’ll select the winner (objectively of course) and promote it as a featured book. Deadline: June 30th, 2014.

NB: Writers with books available on Amazon and other digital book retailers can publish sample chapters with a link to their main selling point. See this post about Free Promotion Tool for Your Book.

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