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Are you ready to promote your book for free? #writers #authors #selfpub #selfpublishing

Ourboox Have fun making booksAre you ready to promote your book for free?


Ourboox is about to launch a new feature enabling authors to benefit from organic search to raise their books in search engines.

Already, writers have begun to upload sample chapters on Ourboox, raising their book content visibility in search engines. Within a few days, Ourboox will add a feature enabling the insertion of a link to the corresponding Amazon selling point in the left column, below the authors’ profile. That means that, while reading your sample chapters, the Amazon

This is a free feature, as Ourboox believe that authors will all benefit from their mutual involvement. That means that, when uploading your free sample chapter, not only are you helping yourself, you are also helping fellow writers.

Early adopters will be the main beneficiaries of the snowball effect of increased visibility as Ourboox will in time implement an algorithm pushing books with the more pageviews up in its internal display, raising the book’s visibility for the growing number of library visitor.

Authors uploading their sample chapters will also benefit from the gradual rise in search engines resulting from the uploading of  illustrated books, whether published books or simply “books for fun”, that is books written and illustrated just to have some fun.

Actually, if your son, daughter, niece or nephew ever asks what does a writer do, creating a book with them would be a perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon (here is a book like Sand Bird, for example) and the resulting content would even participate in pushing your sample chapters (and that of fellow writers) higher in search engine.

Search engines absolutely love pictures …

As always, the early bird catches the worm, so better get onboard whilst Ourboox is still bootstrapped and looking clunky. It is a zero risk time investment that might generate a considerable gain in visibility for your book in the mid-term future.

So, best to sign up now and upload your sample chapters. This way, when the Link to your book on Amazon, or other selling point, feature will be ready in a few days, you will just have to add it to get ahead in the game.

Here is a link to the tutorial video to learn how to upload your book.

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2 Responses to "Are you ready to promote your book for free? #writers #authors #selfpub #selfpublishing"

  1. No offense, but there are tons of sites out there already promising to help promote ebooks for free. I’ve joined a few of these to promote my new book on language learning methods and have gotten no returns at all. All those sites involve needing people to search their site for books, while people that actually are going to buy a book will be searching book sellers. What will make your site work any better?

    1. A combination of discoverability on search engines as explained here , and other features currently under development.

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