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Publishing for free, the $64000 question #writers #writing #getpublished #selfpublish

Publishing for freePublishing for free, the $64000 question

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People often ask me the following question, “If publishing stories on is free, and reading them is free, how are writers and illustrators ever going to make any money?” The answer is a bit complicated. At present very few writers and illustrators in the world make money at all, and most of us spend thousands of dollars self-publishing, whether paper books, or e-books. So, just by being able to publish material for free, have search engines promote it, and share it with the world, you are miles ahead when you use our platform. Secondly, there are now new initiatives such as in which patrons reward content creators for writing, illustrating, making videos, etc. So in other words, you would join such a website, write that you write and illustrate and share for free, and ask donors to give you a small amount of money every time you publish a book. In the future, we hope to be able to offer our best writers and illustrators payment, but for that to happen we will have to have a revenue stream ourselves. So far has been totally funded by my wife and I, and we continue to do so out of belief in what we are doing: trying to make book creating, sharing and reading easy and accessible for the whole world. For example, imagine a world in which your school books are free on Ourboox (not to mention college texts). Imagine a world in which you write a story and someone you don’t even know illustrates it (this is already beginning to happen). Imagine a world in which children in one country write stories and children in another country illustrate them. This is what we are aiming for. The road is long but we are persistent.

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