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ePublish a Book » Journal » Would you like fun and free help to market your book? #writers #getpublished #selfpub #writing

Would you like fun and free help to market your book? #writers #getpublished #selfpub #writing

promoting a book on social mediaWould you like fun and free help to market your book?


We all know what a drag book marketing can be.

So, as I joined Empire Avenue, a social media exchange stock market site to see what that is like, I create a “mission” and got 15 retweets in as many minutes, a great and pleasant surprise.

Encouraged by that initial success, I opened a community  titled “Book Promotion” that I am now inviting you to join so we can conjugate our efforts, gain points and have fun together promoting each other.

Update May 2, 2014: In 2 days, the community has already gathered 10 members, so come over and join us!

Update May 4, 2014: 17 members already

Update May 7, 2014 : Up to 24 members, this got retweeted 35 times and favourited 13 times as a result.

Note: If you do join from here (you will need to sign up first) leave your “ticker” name (username) in the comments so I can invite you to join the book promotion community, or help you posting your missions in the community for maximum impact)

The entire process is free, based on “eaves” and “V” points, though of course, some of these can be purchased, but I think it is best to play for free as that is where the fun is. And, to add usefulness to fun, the system provides tools to follow the effectiveness of the “mission”, so they take care of the measurement, and essential, but tedious, part of marketing.

If you chose to join, I advise you to customize your email preference on, as otherwise, the number of emails sent is annoying. “Once that is customized, it is reduced to as little as nothing, depending on your choices. I just add this as it is not readily available upon registration.

Still getting the hang of it, and trying to get through the complexities, but I thought it was worth a try and decided to share with fellow authors. After all, if we can get some fun out of marketing and for zero pennies, why not?

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