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How to turn everyday into a book #writers #amwriting #writerslife

A day in my lifeHow to turn everyday into a book


Is your daily routine a drag? A mindbogglingly repetitive routine that kills your soul and your creativity? Well, maybe it seems so, but there are ways to turn that into a wonderful opportunity to hone your writing skills even when you are not busy writing the next Harry Potter or Shakespearean drama.

Browse through this “A Day in my Life” for example, and see if you can turn your own totally uneventful day into a book. No prompt, no nothing, just you, your camera-phone and your keyboard. That is only an example of course. A chance encounter with a snail, the bizarre piercing of the girl next to you in the tube or the colorful exchange at the ice cream parlor you pass by on your way back home, anything and everything can be used as the base to write a “A Day in my Life” type of book, publish it (or not, as you prefer) and share it (again, or not as you prefer…)

Ourboox is an entirely free platform that enables writers of all levels to freely publish and share their books online. Registering is free, no request for credit card or anything other than an email address, books can be unpublished with a single click, and all rights remain with the writer.

A great way to establish a daily writing routine to hone skills and get the hang of publishing and sharing books. So, there is no time like now, time to write about a day in YOUR life…

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2 Responses to "How to turn everyday into a book #writers #amwriting #writerslife"

  1. My favorite “Day in the Life” book was James Joyce’s Ulysses. I only wish I could top that.

    1. As they say, practice makes perfect 🙂 And with Ourboox, you can practice and publish, and with pictures taken from smart phone to make it more fun…

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