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FREE #Jokes for #Writers #Book!!!

humor for writers -Free #jokes for #writers #bookHumor For Writers – Now in Digital Book Form!!!


For a long time now, you have been used to see a joke for writers on Sundays on this blog.

I did dust off my writings and have now begun to publish these jokes as a free online book with Ourboox and invite you to click on the cover an access these jokes in a collection form, all for free.

When clicking on the pages, the layout will look like this. This current layout will be improved with time, as Ourboox grows and improves. It is now three days short of a month old and has a long way to go before becoming the YouTube for books, but,a s always, the early birds catches the worm so we decided to give it a go and take advantage of the already “easy to use” platform, the “easy to share” functions (top right) and mainly the “easy to edit” facility that means that the book will be updated when times allow and there is no need to wait for a book to be complete before publishing it, a perfect format for such a collection as gathering the material takes time.

In the meantime, since the book content is readable by search engines, Google will already begin to register it and each subsequent edit will be registered as “new content” by Google, thus raising its ranking in Google.


humor for writers -Free #jokes for #writers #book



We invite you to read the book, that goes without saying, and also, of course to register with Ourboox and upload content linked to your author name to gradually benefit from the combined increased ranking.

This is how Writers help Writers!




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