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Dust Off Your Unpublished Writings! #Writers #amwriting #WritersCafe

Dust Off Your Unpublished WritingsDust Off Your Unpublished Writings!


Do you have any piece of writing sitting in your drawer, virtual or physical, that you thought you would never publish? Yes you do…

It does not matter if it is just a few poems, an amusing story written about a trip or event, a short piece that would (and maybe will) do very well in long-form, an isolated short story too short to put on Amazon, anything that could be enjoyed by a reader. As writers, we all have such things somewhere, destined to remain unseen and unloved. That is, until now…

Ourboox platform is the ideal way to give these bits and pieces a chance. Use is free for all, writers and readers alike, there are no formatting skills required, it just takes five minutes to upload a book, add a few more minutes to pick up illustration from free image banks, hit the “publish” button and hop, in less time it takes to write this, you have a digital book that can be shared with all on various social media.

Ourboox launched only 3 weeks ago, there are already 80 books uploaded and browsing through them will give you a very good idea of what can be turned into a book.

Children can use Ourboox to create a digital book with their drawings, grandma’s recipes can find a new life with pictures of the results taken in your own kitchen and use to illustrate the recipe, a fun way to create a recipe book, there is no end to the potential use of Ourboox.

So join Ourboox and have fun!

Here is the last message from Ourboox founder

After several months of hard work getting Ourboox out of the stealth stage, we are now up and running. We offer the world’s simplest free platform for creating and sharing books!
Right now we are concentrating on our ‘square book’ format, which is perfect for children’s books, photography, travel diaries, portfolios, poetry, humor, and many other genres.
Within a week we plan to have the textbook format up-and-running as well. This will be perfect for fiction, theses, term papers, stories, with or without illustrations.
To make a book super-quick, you just
1. Read our liberal terms and conditions and sign in
2. Click on ‘create a book’
3. Give your book a title & upload a cover
4. Decide whether you want the artwork of the book full-page size or with borders
5. For each page, choose whether you want text or artwork.
6. If text, just write text or copy it from somewhere else (note that the format supports only a given number of lines per page)
   if artwork, just choose, drag and drop in illustrations or photos (up to 2 megabytes each), and select.
7. save and preview is always recommended while you are creating.
8. When your book is ready, publish it and share with friends!Tips & More features:
  • Use photos and artwork that you own, or find those that you are allowed to use (for example, check Wikimedia Commons)
  • Reach out to the community if you need help with photos, illustrations
  • You can edit and correct your book (or add artwork) at any time, even following publication
  • Keep in mind that our website & platform are still in development, so your feedback is important to us!
We already have some eighty books, and we just started! Join us now!

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