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Humor for Writers – John Storywriter’s White Hair

Humor for Writers - John Storywriter's White HairHumor for Writers – John Storywriter’s White Hair


John Storywriter loves his daughter Lauren, and it breaks his heart that his writings brings so little money he can hardly ever spoil her the way he would like. Yet, no matter how many times his mother of wife try to convince him to use his abilities for a more lucrative work, he cannot abandon his love of writing and prefers to do the odd job to pay the bills. Yet, for as long as she can remember, Lauren has heard her father complain about rejections, and every single one of these complaints has been met with both her mother and grandmother advising him to “get a real job”.

One morning, as little Lauren was sitting at the kitchen sink watching her father wash and dry the breakfast plates, she noticed that her father had several strands of white hair mixed in with his dark hair.

Lauren looked at her father and said, “Why have you got some white hairs, daddy?”

John replied, “Well darling, every time a publisher sends a rejection for one of daddy’s stories, daddy’s hairs turns a little whiter.”

Lauren ¬†thought about this information for a few moments then said, “Daddy, so how come all of grandma’s hairs are white?”

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