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#Humor for #Writers – John Storywriter’s First Date

Humor for Writers - John Storywrite's First DateHumor for Writers – John Storywriter’s First Date

By Patricia de Hemricourt

Lauren is telling her best friend Janice how her first date with handsome John Storywriter, the wannabe writer, went. “He took me to a nice restaurant where we had a great meal,” says Leah. “But then, as soon as we left the restaurant, he asked me whether we could both go back to my apartment.”
“So what did you tell him?” asks Janice, excitedly.
“I told him NO,” replies Lauren. “I said that my mother would do a great deal of worrying if I did anything like taking a new date back to my apartment.”
“And how did John respond to that?” asks Janice.
“He just refused to take NO for an answer,” replies Lauren, “and kept on and on charming me with poetry and haiku to try to get me to take us back to my apartment.”
“I hope you didn’t weaken,” says Janice, “because knowing your mother, she really would blow up if you gave in to this new date of yours.”
“No, Janice, I didn’t give in to his cheap tricks ,” says Lauren. “But in the end, I agreed to go back to his apartment – I thought it would be far better to let his mother do the worrying.”

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