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Humor for Writers – John Storywriter Marital Tiff

Humor for Writers - John Storywrite Marital TiffHumor for Writers – John Storywrite Marital Tiff

By Patricia de Hemricourt


Miriam and her husband, the famous writer John Storywriter, are having one of their regular arguments.

This time however, none of John’s clever witticisms is strong enough to pass Miriam’s years of frustration as talking at his back while he types away at his keyboard. the arguments escalates until John blows up a fuse and begins shouting at her.

Miriam is outraged at that unusual escalation in their fights. John’s role is to smile and let her spew out her frustrations till he can make her laugh, certainly not to shout at her…

Incensed, she pushes John away and screams at him, “That’s it. Go! Get out of this house right this moment! I can’t stand the sight of you any more.”
John is rather happy to obey and starts to walk towards the front door. But as he does so, she shouts at him, “and I hope you experience a long, slow and excruciatingly painful death.”
John stops in his tracks, turns around, looks at Miriam and says, “Make up your mind already, will you? So now you want me to stay?”

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