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#Humor for #Writers – John Storywriter’s Wife Afterlife

Humor for Writers - John Storywriter's Wife AfterlifeHumor for Writers – John Storywriter’s Wife Afterlife


John Storywriter might have been a great writer but the only thing he ever paid attention to was his keyboard and he completely ignored his wife, to the point that one would be excused to believe he never noticed he had one. But then, quite unexpectedly, Miriam dies, and it surprises all those who know him well that John starts to show signs of truly missing her.
After many months of sadness and loneliness, John can’t take it any longer and decides to see a psychic to find out whether in some way or other, he could contact Miriam.
After hearing what John wants, the psychic turns out the lights and quickly goes into a deep trance. Almost instantly, John hears a faint humming sound in the room followed by the unmistakable voice of his Miriam calling out to him.
“John, oh John, are you here with me?” asks the voice.
Oy vey!” John cries out. “Miriam, is this really you I’m talking to?”
“Yes, my hubby, it really is me,” replies the voice.
“I can’t believe I’m talking to you,” says John. “Are you happy where you are?”
“Yes, my hubby, yes. I truly am happy here,” replies the voice.
“And are you happier now than when you were with me?” asks John.
“Yes, I am much, much happier now,” replies the voice.
“I suppose this is because it must be wonderful to live in a place like Heaven,” said John.
“Thank you hubby, for thinking i deserved to go to Heaven, but actually, I landed in Hell…”

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