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#Humor for #Writers – John Storywriter’s Daughter

Humor for Writers - JohnStoryWriter's daughterHumor for Writers – John Storywriter’s Daughter

By Patricia de Hemricourt

Miriam, the wife of famous writer John Storywriter begins to notice that whenever her 5 year old daughter Lauren is asked her name, she answers, “I’m John Storywriter’s daughter.”
So one day, just before bedtime, Miriam says to Lauren, “Darling, whenever anyone asks you what your name is, you must not say, ‘I’m John Storywriter’s daughter.’ Instead, you must proudly say, ‘my name is Lauren.’ Lauren is such a beautiful name, you should be proud of it!”
“OK, mummy,” says Lauren.
Later that week, a publisher is visiting Sarah’s class at school and as soon as he sees Sarah, he goes over to her and says, “Hello, aren’t you John Storywriter’s daughter?”
“I thought I was,” replies Lauren, “but my mummy says I’m not.”

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