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Humor for Writers – John Storywriter Anti-Divorce Device


Humor for Writers - John Storywrite Anti-Divorce DeviceHumor for Writers – John Storywriter Anti-Divorce Device

By Patricia de Hemricourt


One day, while walking to the shops, Lauren meets Miriam Storywriter, an old friend of hers. “Well what do you know?” Lauren says to Miriam, “I haven’t seen you for ages. How are you keeping?”
“I’m fine thank you Judith,” replies Miriam.
“And what about how is John, that gorgeous talented writer husband of yours? Is he also keeping well?”
“Please don’t talk to me about John,” replies Miriam. “If I could, I’d divorce him quicker than you can say final dot.”
“So, why don’t you divorce him then?” asks Lauren.
“Because if I did,” replies Miriam, “he would be happy so I’d get almost no alimony.”
“Sorry, Mimi, you lost me there.” says Lauren “Would he not give you more alimony if he’s happy to see you go?”
“Lo,” sighs Miriam, her eyes rolling up as she explains the obvious “He’s a writer. Since when does a happy writer writes anything that brings royalties?”

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