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Publishing Industry: Will it be saved by a food festival?

Publishing Industry AppetitePublishing Industry: Will it be saved by a food festival?

By Patricia de Hemricourt

As we mentioned 2 days ago, the publishing industry is currently undergoing drastic changes and the article below perfectly illustrates the all encompassing nature of the revolution. When people begin to look at food festivals to get inspiration to change the publishing model for magazine and daily press, they definitely have my interest.

Our own project is geared towards books and still at conception stage so we welcome any idea, as crazy as they seem.

Email us  to be included in the early stages of development and receive benefits reserved to early adopters. Feel free to include as many suggestions as you can think of, anything you would like to see in the ideal publishing platform, without thinking of the limitations of the current existing systems. We aim to create something new that will include features that match both writers, readers and service providers such as formatters, editors, book cover artists, illustrators, researchers, ap developers and more.

Now that you have registered for the next big thing in publishing, let’s read where other people get ideas for new publishing models…

How a food festival might save the publishing industry (via NeverPink)

In the wake of Jeff Bezos’ much ballyhooed purchase of the Washington Post this month, pundits have inevitably returned to discussing the slow and painful death of traditional media outlets. While it is worth noting that news of the deaths of some…

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