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Tips And Resources To Create Professionally Looking Book Trailers

Book Trailer Treasure MapTreasure Map To Create Professionally Looking Book Trailers From the Comfort Of Your Home


Book Trailer Treasure Map is a new product launch by self-published authors Deborah Drum and Amy Harrop, who also created the awesome Publisher’s Review Accelerator reviewed here.

This step by step guide to produce video book trailers is a multimedia training course in five modules. Each module contains a number of instructional videos, together with downloadable manuals, templates, checklists, etc. All the resources are accessible via a dedicated members’ website.

The five modules are as follows:
(1) Book Trailer Essentials: Elements of Successful Book Trailers
(2) Prepping Your Book Trailer
(3) Producing Your Book Trailer (with examples)
(4) Promoting Your Book Trailer- Getting the Word Out
(5) Essential Resources

Based on-screen captures, with running commentary by Debbie or Amy, the videos are the heart of the training and are easy to follow,  clear and informative.

These five modules guide you step by step through the three stages of book trailer effective use:  planning, producing and promoting.

A wide array of methods are taught, from some that are quick and easy even for those without previous experience, to others that are trickier but enable the creation of and better quality and more creative  videos.

Unavoidably,  as the course introduces a large variety of methods, it does not go into the nitty-gritty details about the specifics of any particular software or resource. Instead, it explores the pros and cons of each and provides links to YouTube video tutorials on most of the recommended resources.

Most of the programs and resources mentioned are free, or come bundled with many Windows computers, e.g. Microsoft PowerPoint and Windows Movie Maker.

What You will find in Book Trailer treasure Map that is not included in these free softwares are sources of royalty-free images, audio and stock footage, and, most importantly, destination where to submit your finished video book trailer to ensure maximum exposure.

For those weary of the DIY approach, Book Trailer treasure Map also contains recommendations of companies where you can outsource the creation of your book trailer. Should you decide to outsource the production of your book trailer, the course will help you a lot in accurately placing your order as you will know exactly what to ask for. The resources about promoting your finished book trailer will undoubtedly be more than helpful once you receive it, even it the book trailer producer provides a modicum f promoting tools or services.

Video book trailers are becoming increasingly indispensable for any author serious about promoting their work online. At its current offer price of under $10 – with a 30-day money-back guarantee – Book Trailer Treasure Map is a “must-have” for any self-publishing author. It’s on sale via the popular JVZoo self-publishing platform.


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