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Humor for Writers – Toto’s Business Plan

Writer's blockHumor for Writers – Toto’s Business Plan

Toto is sitting in front of his computer staring at the blank screen.

Mum : “What are you doing Toto?” asked his Mum.

Toto : “Am getting rich?” answered Toto.

Mum :”Really? How are you doing that? Are you opening an on-line business?”

Toto: “Kind of… They say self-publishing is going to generate over 5 billion dollars a year by 2016, so am just writing a book to get a fraction of that.”

Mum : “Ah, sounds good,  and how is it going so far?”

Toto : “Not too well, am kind of stuck.”

Mum : “What is your book about?”

Toto : “It’s a self-help book about overcoming writer’s block!”

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