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Book Review – Knockout! A Passionate Police Romance by Emma Calin

Knockout! A Passionate Police Romance by Emma Calin

Review by Diane Rapp

Calin delivers a knockout punch!

I doubted that I’d enjoy a mystery novel about boxing but this one surprised me. Anna Leyton, the daughter of a rich boat builder, diverges from the family business and becomes a police officer liaison with Interpol. It’s a dangerous job dealing with the seedy underbelly of London, and she’s just recovering from a disastrous car chase that almost ended her career. No wonder Anna concealed her profession when she shared a taxi ride with a sexy Frenchman. Freddie is a boxing champion, proclaimed a “ladies man” by the tabloids. He spots Anna and decides to sweep this beautiful woman off her feet. After the romantic encounter, Anna discovers that Freddie is the suspect of her next investigation. Having posed as a salesperson for her father’s luxury boat company, she goes undercover to betray a man she’d rather take back to bed.

Anna walks a thin line between investigating the suspect and falling in love with Freddie. Is she willing to risk an already shaky career by sleeping with a suspect? You bet! What if gangsters uncover her identity and decide to kill her? She’ll take the risk. If you love a steamy romance, you won’t be disappointed. The chemistry between Anna and Freddie nearly melted my Kindle—it was a virtual meltdown. If you love mysteries and suspense, this novel has enough to spare.

If you think this is an ordinary “prize fight corruption” story, you’d be wrong. The lady cop in Anna might send her lover to jail, after she uncovers the secret he’s hiding, but the lover inside Anna can’t believe he’s guilty. Doubt and danger keep a reader’s mind engaged (in between the steamy romance scenes) and the finale is worth the wait. Emma Calin delivers a knockout punch with this novel, so buy your copy today.

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3 Responses to "Book Review – Knockout! A Passionate Police Romance by Emma Calin"

  1. Diane Rapp says:

    Thanks! I think women really appreciate a good sexy story too. I’m glad you’re willing to risk the meltdown.

  2. Sounds good,I’ll make a note of it. Maybe it’ll melt my Kindle too.

  3. ‘Melted my Kindle’ love it! I have this one. Can’t wait to get at it now! 🙂 x

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