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20 additional book promoting sites – part 1

20 additional book promoting sites – part 1

The Internet is a vast and lively place where book promoting sites are numerous, so we decided it was time to add more options for authors who have already exhausted the book promoting sites listed under our previous 40 book promoting sites list. To speed up the selection process of teh place authors might want to promote their book, each entry is followed by a short extract of the website submission rules

  1. Addicted to eBooks: You are welcome to submit      your book to be added to the database of There are a      few rules, so please read this before submitting. […]
  2. AppNewser Free eBooks of the      Week: Our editors pick a few free eBooks every week. To submit      email your pitch to appnewser [at] mediabistro [dot] com. […]
  3. Author      Marketing Club: No longer do you have to dig up your links to      the best places to submit your books. We’ve put them all together here for      you in one spot. Just click on the logos below to load each site’s form,      fill in your details, and you’re done.       […]
    Bargain eBook Hunter:      FREE LISTING – If you are planning a free promo via KDP Select or      your book is “perma-free” on Amazon, we want to know about it! Simply use      the Contact Form      to let us know about your free title and we will consider listing it on      our site. There is NO COST to you if you contact us and we choose to post      your free book. We accept all genres except erotica. […]
  4. Books on The Knob: If you are an author or      publisher and wish to get a review or mention of a special promotion or      new release, drop me an email at the address above. I may or may not      mention your promotion, depending on time and space considerations and may      or may not finish a review in a timely manner (hey, I have to have time to      read them all, not to mention the work around the house that never seems      to get done), although I’ll do my best to get at least a mention within a      reasonable time period. […]
  5. The Cheap: “Authors get all credit here and although      your book is deal priced we are ever so grateful you took the time. A      great way to get your name out as an author is to deal price your book… we      try MANY new authors that way. If you prefer for us not to mention or      promote your books on the Cheap please contact us HERE and we will remove any and      all titles immediately.”      […]  Note: This website      offers no submission form for promoting your book but it might be worth      sending a note in case you are running a promotion on BN
  6. Digital Book Today: Search engines love to see      links, unique contents, and traffic as a way of highlighting search      results. Listed below are several ways to have Digital Book      Today or The Top 100 Best Free Kindle Books List to      feature your book with a free or a paid product placement.      We are currently accepting paid ads for limited dates in Options #3, #10,      #11. Options #4, #5, #6, #12 are free opportunities that are provide as a      service by Digital Book Today. […]
  7. Flurries of Words: “we have both FREE and      PAID advertising options (apologies but we do not accept porn or erotica      books). There are currently five FREE advertising options available:      1) Free Book Find (for permanently or temporarily free books) 2) 99 Cent      Book (for      permanently or temporarily 99 cent books) 3) Bargain Deal (for books over      $0.99 but under $4.99–either permanently or temporarily) 4)      Indie New Releases (for books newly released within the past 30 days) … 5)      BOOK OF THE DAY” […]
  8. FreeBooksy: If you find an ebook you think      our Freebooksy readers should know about please let us know in the form      below. And if you are an author and you want to tell the world about your      free ebook fill out the form in the Authors      section and we’ll take a look at your book. […]
  9. Frugal Reader:      “Please use the form below to submit your FREE books to be considered for      a featured FREEBIE post. Submitting your novel does not guarantee that      your book will be featured. Please allow as much lead time as possible as      I know these are limited time offers. Please note that I feature most      genres, and while I may feature romance titles that include sexual scenes,      I don’t feature titles that strictly fall under the erotica genre.” […]
  10. Kindle Daily Deal: “Let’s get the word out      about your wonderful books on Kindle to my 13,000+ followers.      I am a fellow author and I’d love to help promote your books. I enjoy      reading as much as writing, and feel it’s important to support my friends.      Currently, this service is FREE to you, but in return for adding your      book(s), I’m hoping you reciprocate by buying my latest book containing      funny essays about relationships…” […]


And of course, you may advertize with us.


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