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Humor for writers – The Genie’s Defeat

Humor for writers – The Genie’s Defeat

After a grueling week of writer’s block, John goes to the flee market hoping a change of scenery will bring him inspiration.

He buys a dusty lamp and goes back home, back to the blank screen staring at him and blanking out his inspiration.

 Dejected, he takes the lamp and begins dusting it. To his great surprise, a genie pops out of it.

 “Hello Master, I can see you are a story teller, so no need to tell you I will grant you three wishes to gain my freedom,” said the genie, stretching out.

Quickly overcoming his bafflement, John says: “Well Genie, my first wish will be to transfer my novel from my head into the computer, perfectly formed and ready to be published.”

“Consider it done, Master” says the genie as the blank screen scrolls down neat paragraphs and chapters to fast for anyone to read.

John, being a good man, feels a bit guilty at having used his first wish for himself and neglected his wife. “My second wish will be for my wife’s wardrobe to be always filled with the dresses, shoes and other womanly fashion attributes she can dream of.”

“Consider it done, Master,” said the genie, “Your wife will never want for clothes or accessories ever in her life.”

“And last but not least,” beams John who can feel his dream finally accessible, “I want one of the Big 6 to publish my book.”

“Hmmm,” says the genie, “You have never been published before, have you?”

“Well no,” answers John, a bit puzzled by the genie’s sudden hesitation. “Is that a problem?”

“Sure is!” exclaims the genie “I just spent a few centuries mastering the art of making a woman fall in love with my master, finally found a way, and now you spring me another impossible dream. I’ll be back in a hundred years or so with the solution. Thanks for nothing!” he said retreating back into the lamp.

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