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Humor for Writers – Librarians Nightmares

Humor for Writers – Librarians Nightmares

Four librarians are sitting by the lake in paradise, talking over their earthly experiences in preserving the books in their care.

“We solved our problem with mice with cars” said the librarian from 100 BC Alexandria library. “So sad that all our papyrus burnt down in the great fire.”

“Sad indeed,” answered Friar Augustin, from the Middle Age Saint Catherine Monastery. “So much knowledge lost forever, it makes me cry just thinking about it. We did use cats as well to fight mice, thanks to your example, but had a tough time with keeping worms of parchments.”

 “Many problems indeed in your days,” said John Smith, from 20th century Library of Congress. “In my days, things were much easier, we had technology to keep rooms at constant temperature and level of humidity, mice and worms were simply not getting anywhere near our books as we had nifty ways to treat paper to make it lethal to them.”

“Oh my god!” exclaimed Johndibara Ben Smith, from the Universal Library of the 32d century, “You had such an easy life, fighting mice and worms only. We still have worms, and I wish these were the only bugs we had to care about to protects our books. If only we could poison Trojan worms and associated bugs and viruses, maybe knowledge would survive…

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