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Book Review – Currents Deep And Deadly by Arleen Alleman

Currents Deep And Deadly by Arleen Alleman

Review by Diane Rapp

As the author of a cruise ship mystery series (Murder Caribbean-Style) I was intrigued to read this book. I actually learned more about cruising and even some facts about ports I covered in my book. The characters are well written, have flaws and self doubts including secrets that the author reveals during the story. The plot is complex but strangely believable by the end of the book when all the puzzle pieces were assembled. This book is enjoyable but it’s not a fluff piece with a Hollywood ending. The author explores spiritual ideas in the narrative and the characters still have relationship conflicts that are not tied up in a neat bow. I’ll be interested to see how the characters resolve their relationships during the rest of the series. Good job! You’ve snagged me as a reader.


5 Stars: Cruise Ship Mystery Around South America

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