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Book Review – The Merzetti Effect by Norah Wilson

The Merzetti Effect (A Vampire Romance) by Norah Wilson

Review by Diane Rapp

Vampire novels aren’t my thing…usually…but this novel is addictive.  I knew that Norah Wilson is a talented writer and couldn’t resist the sexy cover.  I’m delighted that I bought this e-book!  The Merzetti Effect has everything, romance, suspense, intrigue, hunky heroes, and a believable heroine.

Ainsley is a trauma nurse who’s unjustly fired.  She needs a job, any job, so against her better judgment she goes to a seedy part of town for an interview, at night.  You guessed the next part.  She gets led down a dark alley directly into the fangs of a hungry vampire!  It is a vampire novel, after all.

After the vampire attack Ainsley is saved from “bleeding out” by Delano.  He’s the same (hunky) doctor who wants to hire her for a well-paid but questionable position—drawing blood at night—in his private research clinic.  Can you see vampire written between the lines?  Ainsley is torn between good sense and her instant attraction to Delano.  Lucky for the reader, she needs the job and ignores her good sense.

This is a fast-paced, sexy, suspense novel pitting “good” vampires against “rogues” in a desperate search for a cure or a weapon against vampires.  Delano needs the unique “Merzetti” blood pumping through Ainsley’s veins and cons her into letting him take nightly blood samples.  By the time she learns the truth she’s the target of assassins.  Who can she trust?  Is Delano, the sensuous man who plagues her dreams, a hero or a dangerous threat to her life?

You must read this novel to find out for yourself!  I gave it to my husband, who scoffs at anything with the word vampire in the title, and he was hooked right away.  Now he’s asking about the sequel.  I told you this novel is addictive, and now I have the proof.

5 Stars: A Vampire Novel Worth Reading

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