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30+ great ways to promote your self-published eBook

30+ great ways to promote your self-published eBook
By Cendrine Marrouat
• Before the release of your eBook
• The day of the release and afterwards
One of the most common questions authors ask me is this: “How can I promote my upcoming self-published eBook efficiently and without breaking open my piggy bank?”
In this article, I have highlighted more than 30 tips that will help you create an awesome buzz. The best part? No money is required at all!
Before the release of your eBook
• Create a sales page. You can also submit your eBook to Amazon or Smashwords (which allows you to have your book listed with major online retailers).
• Create a Facebook Fan Page for your eBook.
• Write a press release and submit it to services like PRLog to inform the media of your release. Also share it on your blog, website, and on social networks.
• Organize a contest /giveaway to attract potential readers. You can also write a press release about this event.
• Post your event on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Plancast, and Craigslist, and share them on social networks.
• Share your event in relevant Facebook and LinkedIn Groups.
• Launch an Empire Avenue Mission to promote your eBook and/or your contest.
• Pin a promotional picture of your eBook to relevant boards on Pinterest (do not forget to link it to your website or blog).
• Offer bloggers in your niche to write guest posts for them. Add a link to your eBook in your bio.
• Ask influencers in your niche or people you trust to read your eBook and review it. Add the advance reviews to your sales page, publish them on your blog and/or website, and share them on social networks.
• Blog about your eBook. Share extracts and valuable tips.
• Let subscribers of your newsletter know about your eBook. Share the advance reviews with them too.
• Create a short promotional video and upload it to YouTube. For example, you could use a tool like Google Search Stories.
• Create slideshows and videos featuring extracts from your eBook. Add information on it at the end.
• Reach out to bloggers and Internet Radio hosts to secure some interviews.
• Take part in Twitter chats in your niche and invite tweeps to check out your eBook.
• Monitor who shares the link to your eBook with TwInbox, Twitter Search, LinkedIn Signal, and Google+ Search. Take the time to thank all the sharers.
The day of the release and afterwards
• Announce the name of winner of your giveaway on your blog, website and social networks.
• Remind your newsletter subscribers that your eBook is out.
• Share the news on all the social networks where you have a profile.
• Send a message to relevant LinkedIn connections.
• Continue sharing interesting tidbits about your eBook in your blog.
• Include the link to your eBook in your email signature block.
• Ask readers to send you reviews. Share these reviews on your blog, website and social networks.
• Continue guest blogging and reaching out to members of the media for interviews.
• Display a clickable image of your eBook’s cover in the sidebar of your blog / website (like the one you see here or on Creative Ramblings).
• Create a pinboard on Pinterest dedicated to your eBook and share reviews and news there.
• Use Storify to create a story on your eBook.
• Mention your eBook in the About page of your blog and website.
• Include the title of your eBook in the bio section at the end of your articles, as well as on all your social media profiles (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.).
• Continue monitoring who shares your eBook on social networks, and take the time to thank every sharer.
Last, but not least, write an article on how your promoted your eBook, like I did.
Anything I forgot to mention? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.
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6 Responses to "30+ great ways to promote your self-published eBook"

  1. Lynn Baber says:

    Thanks for the info. I used the link to go to the original article. There are some tips there I haven’t seen before. Much appreciated.

  2. Lynn Baber says:

    I tried to read the Before part by clicking on the bullet point. I received a message that I could not read it because it was embedded in a blog post. There was an offer to embed it elsewhere which doesn’t make sense if I can’t read it.
    Any suggestions?

    1. Click on the link at the end of the article (“This article, 30+ great ways to promote your self-published eBook, is syndicated from Cendrine Marrouat and is reposted here with permission”) to access the original article.

  3. Terri Bruce says:

    Great article, thank you! The Pininterest idea is especially good and unique. I’ve struggled to find a way to use Pininterest as an author and you hit on an amazing one. Thank you!

    1. Glad my article was helpful!

  4. Thank you for including my article on your blog! I appreciate it!

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