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Book Review : The Evolution of Insanity by Haresh Daswani

 The Evolution of Insanity by  Haresh Daswani

   Review by John Hansen


An author having a conversation with his fictional character, or losing control of his character, mind numbing points leading one twists and turns spinning the mind of the reader with hallucinogenic colors, concepts, and eurekas.

The short stories begin simplified, and walks together with the author as he takes a personal journey deep within the universe of his own consciousness, dwelling, prodding, dissecting, and creating…

This book is a play on different writing styles uniquely conjured by the writer from random inspiration and experimentation with poetry as prior experience. This is a chronological anthology spanning the imagination and sanity of the writer.

This book is a collection of humour, satire, and philosophy, with the most unique writing style and twists. This book evolves as one reads, from basic and simple stories of humor, to deeper and more profound satire best savored twice


4 Stars, though  it was very difficult to choose between 4 and 5 stars for this book.

Brilliant! Guided by this author’s clever, sarcastic voice that has no problem altering into something serious, this book is extremely captivating and well written. It is a conglomeration of various extremely short stories that will have you begging for more. Not only is this book very funny – my favorite stories were “The Parable of the Stock Market” and “Best Sellers” – but serious and insightful as well. This author effortlessly weaves his philosophical opinions and standpoints and his innovative new ideas and theories into such a comical book but at times, insightful. Well done. This author has a unique writing style and he creates not only believable, but intriguing characters which is quite a feat given the conciseness of the stories. However, I noticed a surprising large volume of trivial grammatical errors such as incorrect capitalization and lack of punctuation and even misspellings – elementary mistakes like that – as I read (I believe that some are deliberate, but many aren’t). This gave me an impression of amateurishness of the author, because he did not take the time to give this book a thorough editing. This is quite disappointing because the story is so well written. Also, I found that some of these stories had nothing to do with the topic of insanity, and this irked me because it seemed as if the author forced some stories into the book that did not belong, which I personally found rather boring. Regardless, this is a great book and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a good laugh or someone perplexing views on and intriguing metaphors for life and love. It perfectly describes the insanity of us authors. Keep it up, Haresh!

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