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3 Responses to "Amazon’s Boycott: For or Against?"

  1. Marty Shaw says:

    I think the boycott is a dumb idea because it seems more like a childish temper tantrum than a logical business decision. B&N isn’t going to sell books published by Amazon? That just means people will have to give Amazon their money when they want to read a particular title. Money that B&N could be getting. Way to drive customers to the competition, B&N.

  2. Rick G says:

    I voted. I find the Amazon boycott to be somewhat idiotic from a business sense. The companies doing so are not only alienating themselves to self-publishers (they’re using the stick method, when they should be dangling some carrots in front of us, much like Amazon has done), they’re also potentially hurting themselves as they open themselves up to the potential of becoming content have-nots. Once people start to notice that they can’t find certain authors for their Nook (or other non-kindle device) it could cause them to regret their decision. Amazon could easily capitalize on that with a Kindle price drop. A $50 Kindle would probably enter into the range of impulse buy for a lot of people. If Nook owners become Nook & Kindle owners, I wonder how long it would take for the device with lessor content to suddenly start gathering dust.

    1. William Sparks says:

      Well said Rick.
      My question is, with Amazon dominating the retail online book market and owning a catalog that dwarfs all teh other existing catalog, what are the boycotters expecting to gain with that manoeuver?

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