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Book Review – It’s In His Kiss by Julia Quinn

It’s In His Kiss by Julia Quinn

Review by Barb Drozdowich


Book 7 of the Bridgerton series brings back Lady Danbury, an older matriarch of society that appears in many of the former books as a crusty old curmudgeon who enjoys speaking her mind and is feared by many members of the ton. In this book Lady Danbury serves as a matchmaker to Hyacinth Bridgerton and her grandson, Gareth St. Clair. Hyacinth and Lady Danbury make an interesting pair. Hyacinth has been spending every Tuesday afternoon reading to Lady Danbury for some time but they continue to have a rather acerbic relationship. Hyacinth seems to feel duty-bound to read to Lady Danbury, but is happy when she often falls asleep and therefore ends the reading sessions. Hyacinth has not had much contact with Gareth until one day when he appears during reading time and asks Hyacinth to translate his paternal grandmother’s diary which is written in Italian (a language Hyacinth has some knowledge of). As Hyacinth and Gareth start uncovering startling facts from this diary they find themselves drawn together romantically. Gareth has never been in love before and yet finds himself falling in love with the willful and stubborn Hyacinth. Hyacinth on the other hand is shocked to find herself developing feelings for such a notorious rake.

Gareth’s unpleasant father starts to interfere with the budding relationship; threatening to tell Hyacinth Gareth’s paternity secret. Only when faced with losing Hyacinth does Gareth realize that he truly loves her and fights to keep her.

Again, a winner from Julia Quinn. She shows that she is capable of exploring many delicate subjects in the unforgiving time of Regency England.  Gareth has had such a hard life with his nasty father, but Julia Quinn presents him in a redeemable light.  Hyacinth has the potential of being one of those bluestockings that are left on the proverbial shelf.




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