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40 Book Promoting Sites – Part 3

40 Book Promoting Sites – Part 3


When publishing a book, the key to success is promotion and distribution. Both are meant to give books as much exposure as possible. In order to gain time, it is best to know where to find opportunities to gain exposure easily. This is why we are now creating a list of websites offering book promotion opportunities.

For the third consecutive week, Tuesday is devoted to 5 book promoting sites with a short profile of each site. We included discontinued sites as they appear on other list and including them is meant to prevent wasted time checking them out.

In addition to the book promoting sites on the list, advertisement space is available on this blog.


Alexa Ranking gives an idea of the site competitiveness on the Internet, the lower the ranking number, the better the site, no rank means the website’s popularity is so low that it does not register.

Estimated monthly traffic is based on an average of various sites monitoring traffic on the web and is only given as an indication.

Connect Via Books 

Alexa ranking: N/A
Estimated monthly traffic:N/A

Automatically redirects to a Facebook page where you an exchange opinion about books through an ap.

Book Buzzer 

Alexa ranking:Around 150k
Estimated monthly traffic:Around 7k

Has a 30 days free trial listing and a paid listing with monthly payment of under $5

Offers a large collection of book promoting tools such as games, facebook apps, widgets, email signature and more. Works in collaboration with Freado (see below) Recommended!


Alexa ranking: Around 100k
Estimated monthly traffic:

Works with BookBuzzer. Offer games, contests and many other perks for readers to get acquainted with books. Authors can enter their books through Book Buzzer.

Discover A Book 

Alexa ranking: 7.5 M
Estimated monthly traffic: around 7k

Offers a place to list your book for a small fee.

Filed By

Alexa ranking:around 650k
Estimated monthly traffic: Around 7k

Offers a free platform to list your book, open a profile and engage with the community

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3 Responses to "40 Book Promoting Sites – Part 3"

  1. Jessica says:

    I have found many of these websites to be helpful, but upon trying to register on, I received multiple error messages and was unable to complete registration or log in. I also tried to contact them via a contact form on their site and when that failed, I tried emailing them directly using an address listed on their site. The email bounced back.
    I Googled them to see if anyone else had experienced similar issues recently, and the only thing I found were 2 unresolved complaints and a disconnected phone number through the BBB’s website. If anyone else can get a hold of them, please reply. If not, they maybe ought to be removed from the list here or noted that their website is not fully functional.

  2. Chaitanya says:


    Almost every publisher is trying to build a strategy around digital content management and delivery. From a technology perspective, the development of ePub standard has helped publishers move quickly into digital publishing. Everyone is talking about whether ePub Ready for Learning Management Systems? do check it out:

    Looking forward to read more interesting stuff.

  3. William Sparks says:

    The Freado/BookBuzzer duo sounds nice. Anybody familiar with it?

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