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Book Review – When He Was Wicked by Julia Quinn

When He Was Wicked by Julia Quinn


Review by Barb Drozdowich


The sixth book in the Bridgerton series explores the relationship between Francesca Bridgerton and John & Michael Sterling. Francesca meets Michael Sterling 2 days before she marries his best friend and cousin, John Sterling and for 2 years Michael hides his feelings for Francesca. One day John complains of a headache and lies down for a nap only to die of what is likely a brain hemorrhage at the age of 32. So, at 22 Francesca is a widow and Michael is now the Earl. Michael still attempts to hide his feelings from Francesca as they both mourn their loss. One night Michael offers simple solace to Francesca and this turns into heated lovemaking that leaves them both feeling guilty. They avoid one another to prevent a repeat performance, but Francesca begins to wonder if John is arranging things from heaven.

This wonderful book follows the lives of three friends who survive the loss of one, the subsequent mourning and deeper relationship of the two who remain. Again, a winner, as Julia Quinn deals delicately with both the loss of a young life, the miscarriage of a baby and chronic illness. A great addition to the Bridgerton series.



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