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Humor for Writers – Toto’s letter to Santa

Toto’s letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

Please forgive me to ask for the same thing four years in a row, but it seems something got lost in the previous years.

So this year, I would like a Wii or an electric bike.

I noticed you are always sooo good in bringing what I ask for myself, but somehow, I do not think you read my Dad’s letters so closely.

Of course, am not thinking about blaming you or anything, and it might be that your present to Dad always gets lost in the wrapping papers and empty envelopes, so please could you do us a favor this year.

I know it is not very Christmassy, but it would be sooo sad if your present for Dad again get lost this year, cause he really needs it.

Apparently, he does not look for it at the right place or at the right time, and keeps asking the wrong people as well.

 So, if it is not too much trouble, could you put his present in the letter box this year?

 Cause he looks there for it every single day sometimes many times a day.

 That would be swell, I’d be ever so grateful.

 Oh yes, I almost forgot, in case you have got round to read his letter let, what he wants is something called : “a publishing contract”.

 Thank you soooo much and Merry Christmas to us all!

Yours gratefully,


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