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Humor – Negotiation

Toto is sitting at a job interview for an anti-terrorist unit, answering a job offer as a negotiator.

Interviewer: What is your experience in negotiation?

 Toto: Oh, I have years of experience, negotiating with the toughest people on the market.

Interviewer: And what is your rate of success in these negotiations?

 Toto: about 2%

Interviewer (quite puzzled): Why do you think such a low success rate would make you a qualified negotiator with terrorists?

Toto: I was negotiating with publishers!

 Interviewer (extatic): Amazing! You’re hired!

Copyright of Patricia de Hemricourt – ©PatriciadeHemricourt 2011 All rights reserved

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  1. At the moment when you wanna give up,think about why you have come this far.

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