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Diane Rapp

Diane Rapp became an entrepreneur when she started her own dog grooming salon in Santa Barbara, California.  She spent the next thirty years as an owner/operator of various enterprises; she sold real estate, started an office supply/copy center in Telluride, Colorado, and performed free-lance advertising design.  She calls herself “hard core unemployable” because she has been her own boss for so long.

During her years as a business owner, Diane “dabbled” with writing science fiction stories as a cure for insomnia.  After Diane and her daughter Laura co-authored a Caribbean travel guidebook (published by Hunter Publishing), Laura gave her the idea of writing a mystery novel set on cruise ships.  The idea evolved into the first novel of a High Seas Mystery series.  Murder Caribbean-Style and Murder on a Ghost Ship are currently available as e-books on Amazon, and the third novel (featuring a wedding cruise to Alaska) is in development.  The science fiction stories Diane “dabbled” with eventually emerged as an epic trilogy (the Heirs to the Throne).  Two novels Howl of the Wolf and The Havenshire Resistance are available as e-books on Amazon and the third novel is coming soon.

Diane and her husband “retired” to a small community in East Texas, but they take frequent trips around the country in their truck and fifth wheel.

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2 Responses to "Diane Rapp"

  1. Preeti Gutpa says:

    Hi Diane –
    I am wondering if you are accepting books for review at the moment? By book is releasing in a few weeks, and it is called “I’ll Put 3 Chips On God – just in case there is one.” It is a book on spirituality analyzed from an agnostic point of view.

    An excerpt is available at Should you have any interest in receiving a PDF, Kindle, or paper copy, let me know.

    By the way it’s funny that you call yourself “unemployable” after being an entrepreneur for so many years. I feel the same way. Except that I had no choice but to return back to the corporate world after a series of entrepreneurial ventures tanked. That might be why I started seeking spiritual knowledge! :)

  2. Hi Diane
    Woud you please consider reviewing my book Zephyr Zodiac? Details below -

    This is the story of a Mark 3 Ford Zephyr Zodiac from the time it rolled off the production line in 1962 until it met its end in a car crusher in 2012, and how it affected the lives of seven of the people who owned it during that time. Read how during its fifty years on this earth it was used as a company car, a family car, a wedding car, a funeral car, a taxi, a home, a safe, a Classic Car, given birth in, stolen (more than once), used to have sex in (much more than once), and was instrumental in giving its grateful owner his life back.

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