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Screaming Dreams

Screaming Dreams
Evaluated 2d of November 2011

One man operation, says upfront that has limited resources, and does not seem to offer anything that justifies cashing in 50% of the profits.

A. Genres:


B. Service offered

1. Editing: No Data
2. Book cover:  Yes
3. Formatting:  Yes
4. ISBN:  No Data
5. Marketing: Some
6. Affiliates: No
7. Distribution: Yes

C. Terms and Conditions

1. Advances: No
2. Royalties: 50% of net (define as after deducting all costs)
3. Copyrights granted: No Data
4. Length of Contract: 1 year

D. Credibility

1. Age: 2000
2. Catalog: less than 25 books
3. Alexa Rating: 5.5M

E. Social Media

1. Forum: No
2. Blog: No
3. Book Club: No
4. Twitter: 175 followers, mildly active
5. FaceBook: 16 fans, mildly active


Overall Rating:  Poor/Fair
B:  Not enough Data
C: 2/3 Stars
D:  2/3Stars
E:  1/2Stars

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