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Writers Exchange E-Publishing

Writers Exchange E-Publishing
Evaluated 28th of September 2011 -Updated 3d of October according to comments from publisher, see below in comment section – Updates in Italic

A. Genres:

Action/Adventure/War, Business/Finance, Christian (Fiction and non-fiction), Fantasy, General Fiction (Miscellaneous fiction that does not fit under any of the other categories), Historical, Humor, Mystery, Parenting, Romance, Science Fiction, Self-Help/How-To, Westerns, Writing Advice,

B. Service offered

1. Editing: Yes
2. Book cover:  Yes
3. Formatting: Yes
4. ISBN: No
5. Marketing: Through  Google, Nightowl, Facebook and other places at various times
6. Affiliates: No
7. Distribution: Yes

C. Terms and Conditions

1. Advances: No
2. Royalties: 50% of download price minus fees, (30% for illustrated books)
3. Copyrights granted: Exclusive digital rights for English language
4. Length of Contract: open ended, till 90days after written request to terminate contract

D. Credibility

1. Age: 2000
2. Catalog: Over 300
3. Alexa Rating: 5.7 M

E. Social Media

1. Forum: No
2. Blog: Yes
3. Book Club: No
4. Twitter: 757 followers, last activity May 2009
5. FaceBook: 97 followers, sporadic activity

Overall Rating:  Fair/Good
B:  3 Stars
C:  3/4Stars
D:  4 Stars
E:  1/2 Stars

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18 Responses to "Writers Exchange E-Publishing"

  1. Really it’s amazing, i got your groups, as like taitila group ( They provided for me is very clear and also the work is very easy to complete and I am sharing you that taitila is a new breed in digital publishing, leveraging advances in technology to enable groundbreaking new types of books.

    1. Bob Beers says:

      I checked out the Tatlia site. If you happen to be in New Deli and need something to do in order to eat, yes, apply. If you are an author and need someone who understands how to write American English or its variables, go to Writers Exchange.

  2. Larry Deibert says:

    I have had one book published with WWE. The eBook wave is really beginning to make quite a dent in the overall publishing industry because last year more of my books were purchased than in the first six years since it’s release. Sandy is always looking for new ways to get our books out to the public.

  3. Writers exchange will be interesting and a positive one. Moreover since its a open ended contract and there are no terms and conditions it will be highly interesting and beneficial.

  4. Sandy is very easy to work with and is always working to keep ahead of the times with new developments and improvements. She updates the site and furnishes new covers to build sales. I have a romance and two children’s books with Writers’ Exchange. I believe new writers would be happy here. I’ve never heard any complaints about this publisher!

  5. I am so thrilled to have been published by Writers Exchange. I loved the entire experience and when all was finished and ready for publishing I had a wonderful book with no added expense to me. Included in the deal was a remarkable book cover. It was awesome! Writers Exchange stays in contact with their authors, always going out of their way to make the publishing experience even better. They love the work that they do and we as authors love what they do. Anyone interested in having a book published by this company, I would highly recommend them.
    I raise my hands to Sandy Cummins for doing such a great job. You can trust her because she knows what she is doing as a publisher.

  6. Deena Marie Kaylee says:

    I have had one book published with Writer’s Exchange and I can not say enough good things about this e-publishing company! Sandy Cummins is a wonderful editor and is so easy to deal with. She is continually improving the website and works hard for the authors! I highly recommend Writer’s Exchange to any author, published or unpublished!

  7. Wendy Laing says:

    I have eight books published with Writer’s Exchange. I’ve been very happy with this publishing company. Sandy Cummins has proven to be an excellent, honest publisher, editor, creative salesperson and team leader. The company is run at the highest standards. I can highly recommend them to aspiring authors.

  8. I have two books published with Writer’s Exchange and a third in its final edits. I am extremely pleased with the publishing company and Sandy Cummins. Sandy is hard working and honest, and always is finding ways to improve not only the company, but the author’s sales and availability to the reading public. I can highly recommend Writer’s Exchange to any author, published or unpublished.

  9. Sam Bonnamy says:

    Writer’s Exchange is a good and active company which takes a strong line in marketing its authors. Encouraging to newcomers and willing to do a vast amount of support work. I would recommend them to any aspiring author.

  10. Christine E. Schulze says:

    Hi, I just wanted to stop by briefly to say that WEE is awesome! They are wonderful to work with, from Sandy the publisher, to Jenna, a most brilliant editor who has taught me loads about editing and polishing my work! I also really love working with Laura, the cover artist, collaborating and getting say in how the finished project looks. Highly recommended, especially to brand new authors (such as I was) looking to get their foot in the door and gain some great publishing experience!

  11. I have two books published by WEE and two more in the edit queue. Working with Sandy, Laura, and WEE has been easy and pleasant. They’re professional and friendly at the same time. WEE is constantly expanding and improving their services to serve their authors and customers better. I was delighted to work with them, but even moreso when, shortly after my first two books were published, I did a search and discovered them being sold all over the Web, including at the Kindle and Sony stores.

    I will add that David Addleman says that integrity is a good word for WEE, and I agree completely.

    I came to WEE because they took up the list for another publisher and “inherited” my books, but I couldn’t be happier with my new home.

  12. I have three books published with Writer’s Exchange with two more in the works. I have found my books much improved by their editing process and that is probably the whole point for me.

    You only need to see the Google books version of Destiny Sets and then read the currently published version to see the profound improvements they have made.

    Karen Fainges

  13. Laura Shinn says:

    Hello, Patricia! Thank you for featuring WEE at your blog. I’m not an author, but the Chief Designer. I’ve worked with Sandy for about ten years, from Editor to Cover Artist. Sandy is wonderful to work with and is constantly discovering new and better ways for her authors and their work to be found online. She and I began a two-year-long process (that’s nearly done) of replacing a good majority of the book covers at the WEE site to attract more readers and update the website. Her decision was a good one and author sales reflect it. This company has been around quite a while and continues to grow as it gains new authors and continues to release quality books and series books from its current authors. I feel quite honored to be a part of it all…

    Laura Shinn

  14. David Addleman says:

    I’ve had one novel published with Writers Exchange E-Publishing and another in final edit. I have found Sandy Cummins and WEE easy to work with, honest in all their dealings with me and, above all, they do exactly what they promise. WEE can be described in one word: integrity.

  15. Hi Patricia,

    I just wanted to clarify a few things you said. Book covers are free, only internal illustrations of picture books are 20% of royalties to the illustrator. (Much more work than a single book cover:)

    Not sure what you meant by distribution, if you meant where do we as a publisher distribute our books then…we sell direct from our website, plus the Kindle Store, Smashwords, Lightning Source, Content Reserve, Barnes and Noble, fictionwise, drivethru fantasy and all the places any of the above distribute to.

    ISBN – you had no info. All our books have isbn numbers.

    Marketing – we advertise with google, nightowl, facebook and other places at various times.

    Catalogue – 29. I was not sure what was meant by this (can you tell I have never seen yoour blog before:). We have over 300 books for sale and over 100 authors.

    1. Patricia says:

      Hi Sandy,

      Thank you for the updates, you will see I have modify the entry to incorporate the additional information you provided.

      Could you please confirm that the ISBN numbers are provided by you?

      Thank you

      1. Hi Patricia,

        They certainly are provided by us, though we do use the same isbn number for all ebook formats and a separate one for the print version. Since we publish 11 separate ebook formats for each novel it would make isbns for each format too prohibitive:)

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