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A Surprising ePublisher Building a Community While Bringing Fame to its Authors

The rated epublishing houses list on this blog has been running for over 3 months now, with a new publisher added every week-day. So far, though it has garnered a lot of visits, hardly any author from any publishing house commented on any publisher profile. Until beginning of September that is. Within 2 days of posting the ratings for MuseItUp Publishing, over 20 authors had flocked in to chant the merits of their publisher and share with all how happy they are in that community.

This is so unusual and fascinating that it certainly begged more information. So an interview of Lea Schizas, the publisher herself, seemed unavoidable. As predictable from the dithyrambic compliment her authors relayed, she readily agreed.


Hello Lea, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions.

Your authors seem to be a very active and tight knit community, how do you explain that?

I always have followed my parents’ upbringing: show by example. If the head of a company doesn’t step forward and demonstrate their enthusiasm for their establishment and pave a path for the people involved within their environment, don’t expect these same individuals who pour their sweat and blood to make it a success to step up and do the work on their own.

The Muse authors do whatever they do not because they are told what needs to be done, but because they feel welcomed, respected, and for them it’s not a chore to promote their pub house and books, but a way of showcasing their involvement in a house that they are truly a part of, shaping the way it grows. So basically, it’s an investment in ‘their’ company.

With such a tight knit community, do you authors help each other in marketing their books? Is that voluntary or do you encourage to do so and how?

Oh yes, everyone regardless what genre their books are help one another in many ways:
From hosting them for a blog tour
On their radio shows
Twittering their new or upcoming releases
Blog guest spots
Month long blog festivals with a certain theme

All voluntary, and yes, I do go in and offer tips but never impose what they should or should not be doing. These tips are left for the authors to decide what best fits their schedule.

MuseItUp publishing is just over a year old and already has over 150 books published. How do you manage such a high production level?

You may not giggle at this but I know Musers will understand this: I’m nuts and very anal. Anal in the sense I’m a perfectionist when it comes to the quality of our books and showcasing our authors, and nuts because I do believe many of them think I sleep by my computer desk.  What it boils down to is having a deep passion for what one does and for me this is not work but something I feel deeply involved with. I’ve always helped writers in my career and this is simply another means to help more.


For such a young publishing house, at least 5 of your books have won prizes or awards. Do you do something specific that explains such a high rate?

This follows my responses above: passionate and being anal to make sure we offer as top notch quality products to our readers and buyers. And our head cover artist, Delilah K. Stephans, began and maintains the same quality and virtues I do: making sure the full package is nothing less than presentable, a product we (meaning the authors, editors, artists) are proud to place their stamp on.


Could you give a ballpark figure of the kind of sales an author publishing with you can reasonably expect within a year of publication?

This isn’t an easy question to answer. There are never any guarantees of the total $ figure an author might make. This is highly based, in my opinion, on the readership an author brings to the table already. An author who has a large following will naturally make more than  an author who is just starting out. At the Muse we welcome and have many new authors, and we do our best to showcase and help them build a following.


What are your main marketing techniques? Do your authors perform a lot of marketing themselves?

It’s a colloborative effort: authors and publisher. As a publisher, we market our authors using as many online social medias as possible:

Blog talk radio shows

In face to face situations we’ve managed to get one major retail establishment in Montreal to sell our print books, and we’ve made contact with several more. We’ve had an ad in Realms of Fantasy, and currently alternate showcasing our authors on several sites.

But again it goes back to what I initially said above: when an author sees their publisher doing their all for their authors it tends to encourage them to do the same, especially when the authors group is supportive and full of helpful tips and guidance.

Your contract is for 3 years for ebooks and a year initially for print books, which is a relatively long time for an epublisher and it is unusual for an epublisher to reserve the print right. Can you explain the rational behind?

No, our contract doesn’t demand print rights but is offered. Those who want to wait a year to see if their book will go in the queue for print can give us the rights. If the print book is not published within a year then their print rights are reverted back to them. If they want their print rights before then, in case they’ve found a publisher seeking print, or perhaps they want to self-publish their print book, their rights are given to them. We don’t ask but have it included in the contract which they can simply not X. And because we are new, to be honest, budgeting our expenses is of  high priority. As you know, print costs, so we’d rather be safe than sorry. As we get more established perhaps the print books can be introduced earlier, but for now we need to be careful because we are here for the long haul.

Your authors give lots of compliments about their editors. How do you select your editors?

Each of our editors, regardless if I’ve worked with them in other houses or not, need to complete an editing test. There are things in that test I purposely added that if an editor misses more than one or two items, things that as an editor they should pick off, then it’s a fail. In the beginning we had something like 20 editor applications and from that 8 were chosen, editors who are still with us. Our editors are encouraged to participate in our authors loop, and they do. As a matter of fact, our authors are such fun people I had to add a new group, Muse Gab Room, just so they can go and play there and leave the authors’ group free for promo and helpful information.


In view of your current success, do you have any plan to expand in the future?

There is one more lifetime goal yet to be achieved, A Muse Bookstore, where authors can have a consignment placement of their books and not worry going through corporate headquarters and giving a spiel about their books. But there’s more to this bookstore in the blueprint and once it’s achieved I’ll be more than happy to share.

For now, within a year, we’ve already incorporated and our trademark papers are in the works. We may open up to nonfiction, certain categories, but for now we’re simply growing by making sure our authors are happy with their books final product, marketing our in-house authors, and keeping a level stance on all aspects of our house. This last statement is important because as a new house one can get carried away and steer away from the alloted budget, thus risking the future of our house by not being level-headed and smart as to how fast we can and should grow. As much as we’d all love to see MuseItUp Publishing reach a goal sooner than later, the word of mouth recommendation may be the slowest form of recognition, but it’s certainly one that builds a more solid base.

 Thank you very much Lea, and congratulations on having created such a vibrant community and bringing their work to the light! Keep up the good work.

Thank you for having me here today, and again, your rating was truly appreciated.

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50 Responses to "A Surprising ePublisher Building a Community While Bringing Fame to its Authors"

  1. Congrats Cheryl! Wonderful news.
    I hope I get the same type of email from Muse. They are all great and helpful, and Lea is such a doll. Love her personality. Best of luck.

  2. While I’m a little behind in my correspondence, I don’t want to miss the change to add my enthusiasm to those above. I self-published my first book “Guinevere: On the Eve of Legend,” but I’m thrilled that MUSE has given a home to my 2nd middle grade novel “Young Knights of the Round Table: The King’s Ransom. Lea herself answered my query with a promise to get back in a few weeks. Can’t tell you how good it felt to open up the email that said “Welcome to the Muse Family!”

    I’ve been a Muser since July 2011, and I impressed each day with the communication between Lea, her staff, Muse authors and myself. Not sure I’ve come across a company as impressive as this.

    Cheryl Carpinello

  3. Lea, GREAT interview. To everyone who left a comment…thank-you…No words can express what I’m feeling. You guys are not only talented, hard-working and dedicated to the MUSE, but simply FANTASTIC individuals who are rocking the PUBLISHING world to its core. I can feel the vibrations, already.



  4. J Q Rose says:

    Outstanding interview. Excellent questions, Patricia, and thoughtful answers from our fearless leader, Lea. Thank you for this article spotlighting Muse It Up Publishing.

  5. Lea Schizas says:

    All I can say is WOW and THANK YOU everyone for your time in leaving a comment. Truly touched. You guys make MuseItUp what it is, and to all the readers who have read this article I am sure they now have an inkling of our family environment.

  6. Late again, as usual. I blame the oppressively hot Indian Greek summer we are experiencing. what can I add to what has been said? Only that when I think of Lea and Muse, I think of Leonidas and his 300 hundred at Thermopylae. Muse is the Sparta of the epubs. Lea is our warrior leader, we authors are tenacious and together, as a team, invincible {ok – I am rewriting history but – hey – the Greeks won in the end. This is Sparta!

  7. I love Muse. I’ve been an editor for Muse for coming up on a year now–and Muse has gained not only my loyalty, but my respect. It is a wonderful publishing house. Its one of the very few businesses I’ve seen that truly understands how to build long lasting relationships with its employees and authors.

  8. C.K. Volnek says:

    It’s so wonderful to be a part of the MuseItUp Family. Can’t you feel the love here with all these comments! Lea is a great ‘mom’ and a wonderful publisher. Thanks Lea.
    C.K. Volnek

  9. Awesome interview! Lea Schizas, is truly innovative, creative, inspiring, motivating…and anal (LOL). Just teasing. She works hard for all of us, and we work hard for her.
    It’s a truly comfortable place to be an author, an editor, an artist.
    Every day I still think of it as a wonderful opportunity.

  10. As a new member of Muse I can honestly say that I feel the family vibe already. I’m PROUD to be a Muse It Up author. Lea is wonderful to work with, witty, kind and caring. I look forward to many years (and books) with Muse!

    Ditto: Diana DeCameron. MuseItUp, and Lea, Rock!

    Michelle Pickett
    Concilium, July 2012

  11. Fantastic interview, Lea. Must It Up Rocks!!! What more can I say?

  12. I think Lea forgot to mention she never sleeps. I am in awe of how much she manages to do and still keep a close eye on the business end of Muse.

  13. I knew Lea for many years for her excellent management of the Muse critique groups on yahoo. So when she started the Muse Online Conference I participated and became one of the moderators. Lea organized that conference so well we had very few glitches even the first year! Last year after trying for five years to get my young adult novel published, Lea accepted it into MuseItUp Publishing and the rest is history. My book, If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor, was rejected by all the Big 6 publishers, but Lea took a chance and told me when I pitched it to her that she loved it. This was my first experience with a publisher too and I trusted Lea from the many years of being her friend. I have seen the meticulous care she takes to make our books excellent. She even worked with both me and my cover artist to settle my indecision and she showed patience and care. She is the first to give a kind word to an author whose family is in trouble or who has health issues themselves. When my husband had health issues she checked in with me periodically to see how he was doing. I don’t think many publishers care that much about their authors to get personal like that.

    As many have said before me, MuseItUp is a place where we all treat each other like family. I have grown very close to many of the authors here and I have opened both my blog and my radio show to anyone who would care to promote their books. The MG/YA Blogathon which is going on now with all of the people who write this genre is promoting not only Muse books, but other publisher’s books as well. This kind of spirit is rare in a publishing house, but Lea feels it is important to do this. I didn’t think I would love my publishing house as much as I do and I am so proud to be publishing my first YA novel on Friday, September 16th. I am very proud my book carries the Muse insignia on its cover.

  14. There you have the heart and soul of Muse Publishing, straight from the lady’s mouth. Lea is an amazing lady, magnanimous and generous, but with a solid eye on the task at hand. Her editors are the best I’ve encountered in my writing career, bar none. Her contracts are the easiest to read and understand, bar none. The art department is the best, bar none.
    As you’ve probably guessed, Muse is as diverse as the planet itself. Yet, we gather at our screens daily to share our good news and our misfortunes, while we’re busily finishing our next WIP. Some days, it is hard to keep a straight face from the gaiety. And then there are those days, when the tears flow in sympathy or in shock at enormous problems being encountered.
    Through it all, we deliver books that are well written, well edited, and properly brought to market by the amazing staff of Muse Publishing. I heartily encourage one and all to submit your best work here. You won’t be sorry.
    Best wishes,
    Dale Thompson, writing as Pat Dale

  15. I met Lea several years ago and participated in the Muse Online Conference. Later, she was my editor at another publisher for a short time. When I heard she was opening her own Publishing House, I jumped on board. Lea is one of a kind. Trustworthy, patient and full of energy. Yes, as authors, we have to promo our own work, but Lea promotes it, too. We’re not alone out here. She comes up with the most unique ideas. The Muse Blog is for all of us authors and Lea helps make it fun. Right now authors are posting for our Back to School Fest, next month is going to be doubly fun. Not only are we celebrating Halloween, our old friend from last year, the one and only spindly bag of bones, Bonella Sticks is making another appearance. It’s always fun sparring with this sekeltal zombie straight from her crypt. I hope everyone will stop and see what she has in store. She’s already made an appearance and threatened us. Several of us have gone round with her a year ago, now she’s out for new blood too.
    You can find her at: along with her zombie friends.

  16. Mike Hays says:

    MuseItUp is a great organization to be a part of. The feeling of a writing family exists from the top of the organization all the way down to newbie authors like me. From the free Muse Online Writers Conference, to the blog, to the writers,artists and editors, it is that organization writers dream of being part of.
    It truly is all about the writing with Lea and her vision at MuseItUp reflects it completely. She cultivates an environment where writers of a wide range of genres and interests all feel welcome. Personally, I feel very lucky to be a part of MuseItUp Publishing.

  17. I had one of the first books out the door at Muse, “The Ghost of Grover’s Ridge,” and I have found that working with Muse is great. I even went to the trouble and expense of regaining my rights on a novel, “Teen Angel” that I had injudiciously placed with an inferior publisher, and contracting it to Muse. All I can say is, “Go, Lea, go!”

  18. Sue Perkins says:

    I live in New Zealand which is why I’m late to this party. I’m a Muse author. I can’t really add to what my fellow Muse authors have already said. I think everyone’s aware by now that we’re a very happy bunch of authors at MuseItUp Publishing.

  19. Tanja Cilia says:

    I am one of the few Europeans at Muse. I am proud to belong there as an Editor. Lea makes sure that each of us works well within our comfort zones, at our own pace – and sometimes, it actually does not feel like ‘work’ at all.

  20. Thank you so much for interviewing Lea Shizas. She truly is an exceptional publisher, willing to sacrifice the immediate buck for slower growth and quality products. She respects the talents of her authors because she only accepts the very best writing submitted to her. It is an honor to call oneself a Muser.

    Our company motto is “Building the team to achieve the dream,” and that’s true, but we all feel more like a family than just a team. Those of us who have been around for awhile help those who are just starting out, and Lea helps us all. We absolutely love our “Boss Lady,” even when she’s swinging her wet noodles.

    Rochelle Weber

  21. There’s a lot of energy and buzz going on at Muse It Up. The community spirit is amazing and very welcoming. Since I write multiple genres, I’ve had books published by different houses. Muse is living up to all my expectations.
    Maggie Toussaint

  22. Nancy Bell says:

    Thanks so much for interviewing Lea. She is an amazing person and I am honoured to be one of her editors. Muse is a wonderful place to be and very unique in the industry. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is supportive. Lin Holmes does magnificent stationary trailers, Karen Cote has an animated interview website and also helps to support our favorite charitys through her Writer’s Pen for Charity Lounge. Recently many of the YA/MG authors got together and hosted each other on their blogs. It is still going on til the end of Sept I believe. A couple of Musers promote on Blog Talk Radio which is so fun. Muse is wonderful. Building the team to acheive the dream

    Nancy Bell

  23. Great interview! I had the pleasure of working with Lea before Muse It Up and I have to say, her high standards and willingness to help and share her expertise were one of the reasons I submitted to Muse It Up.
    I’m very happy to be on board.

  24. I enjoyed reading all the comments left here and heartily agree with everything which has been said. I am one of the original eight editors Lea hired and so have a long history with Lea and the authors Muse has accepted for publication. I’ve watched this house grow from a few submissions to more than the few of us could handle. Lea, in her wisdom, has hired more staff so we can continue to provide the excellent service and support Muse has become famous for.

    As a published Muse author (my first release is Love Delivery, with two more coming this fall), I can also see the other side of Muse, and I have never been more pleased with a publisher and the interaction with the editors and cover art staff.

  25. S.Durham says:

    Excellent interview! I too am one of those authors new to the publishing world, and thrilled Lea took a chance on me. I now have two novels published with Muse It Up, one of which came out in print recently. I have sold at least ten print books just by word of mouth myself, let alone what’s happening online. The meticulousness of the editing staff, including Lea herself, is stellar and serves to assure the writer that the final product will be the best it can be, without a doubt. Word of mouth may be slower as Lea said, but is, in my opinion, the tried and truest way of spreading the word about a solid product or creative work.

    Amen and well said, Christine and Lin!

    Muse It Up truely does Rock!!!

    Cheers, Sara

  26. Gail Branan says:

    Musers are a family. We told y’all that the first time, when you spotlighted us. And see? Here we are in force again! Check out our diverse personalties. (Yes, Graeme, that means you.) We’ve toured the world through each other’s eyes and blogs. We have many things in common, many things not in common. But all of us — when we first walked through the doors of the Gab Room — we knew we were home.

  27. I’ve enjoyed lots of supportive interaction with other MuseItUp authors and staff members since I jumped aboard last January. The variety of genres this publisher accepts is impressive, and the stories I’ve seen so far are wonderfully imaginative and entertaining. My first young adult novel is scheduled for a November release, and I’m happy to be in the company of such a talented crew.

  28. M. L. Archer says:

    Excellent interview! Dittos with Joylene on Lea’s energy and drive!

  29. Thanks for interviewing Lea – MuseItUp rocks! I am so proud to be one of their authors. Now back to my line edits!!! : )

  30. joylene says:

    Lea is amazing. She does it all because she believes in good books and the authors that write them. If I had half her energy and drive, I could fly to the moon and back. Really.

  31. L.J. Holmes says:

    Thank you Patricia for spotlighting, once more, the magic that exists here at Muse It Up Publishing, Inc.

    I am one of the first authors contracted by Muse back in March 2010, so I have watched and participated in everything but the foundation Lea and her partner Litsa Kamateros, our Marketing Director put in place.

    Prior to Muse I’d had an experience with an editor and agent almost twelve years ago that so soured me, I locked my stories away and wrote new things solely for family and friends.

    You’ve already received a comment here from my daughter, Kat Holmes. She prodded me to try again. SANTA IS A LADY came into being because of it, and Muse is where my little story found a home. (SANTA IS A LADY is one of those tales that you spoke of that, to my utmost surprise took fifth place in its category at P&E less than two months after it released.)

    Last July, three months before Muse technically openend its doors, I began hearing rumblings that Muse It Up was like so many houses…a flash in the pan…and treated us, the authors with dishonor. As I said, I have been here since the start, and know the truth.

    We had nothing at that time to show the world except for the incredible covers done by Delilah K. Stpehans. On July second I began spotlighting them on my blog. Those initial Cover Blogs have evolved into something now called Stationary Trailers…and my one blog has evolved into ten, many of them with over 20,000 hits and one closing in on 60,000.

    I am currently working on a new blog, one of the ten, dedicated to boasting about our editors. (5 have been highlighted so far.) I didn’t see other places hailing their editors and yet without them…they take our raw minerals and help us polish them into the rare gems we finally release. They dseserve nothihng less than my meager praise.

    Many of my brother and sister authors have commented about the family atmosphere that exists at Muse, and that is not hype.

    Writing is a solitary avocation that most non-writers scoff at as nothing more than “Playing on the Computer again.”

    I know this is a cutthroat business, or it can be, but at Muse we genuinely want to help each other. Lea and Litsa from the very beginning have said, “The house is not who the readers follow.”

    How many other houses allow their authors to promote their books with other publishers on their loops? Lea does, because she believes the author will draw the interest, the fans, but once the fan is drawn to their Muse titles, they will check out the other books available and build the company’s name.

    I want my brothers and sisters to take the reading world by storm with as much tenacity as I hope the reading world will love mine. Like Lea and Litsa, I intend to be here for the long haul.

    Again, thank you for giving Lea the spotlight. No one deserves it more. She works so hard for us, yet blushes and blusters when we give her the well earned praise we all feel for her.

  32. The comment section is filled with happy Muse authors. No surprise, because what they are touting is in fact true. It is rare to find any business that has their priorities in such fine order. In publishing, the author’s work IS the product. To treat authors and potential authors like so many widgets is short sighted indeed.
    The other day Nathan Bransford, ex literary agent and present author, posted a blog asking for feedback on whether or not agents/publishers should be expected to respond to queries. My jaw dropped to the floor. Has the world really come to a place where common courtesy, let alone professionalism has dipped to the level of Neanderthal? Unfortunately, yes. Because of the structures of the past and publishers/agents as gatekeeper, an air of arrogance and royalty has been widely spawned (and accepted) in this industry. Those of us who spend time away from family and other worthy pursuits to produce novels that have required thousands of hours of toil are worthy of the same time and respect that any potential client deserves–perhaps more.
    At MuseItUp each author or potential author are treated like the hard working person that they are–and a response is always timely, thought out and thoughtful. It should not matter how ‘busy’ a publisher is. If they wish to show integrity and the stuff that makes for long term success, they realize from where the source of their success springs. In publishing, this is first and foremost, the author. No excellent product= no success. We are all humans doing the best we can to live our dreams. This industry is a small one in which you can expect to run across the same people over and over again. To burn bridges or act in a robot fashion WILL come back to haunt you. Likewise, for an author to act unprofessionally WILL be noticed.
    At MustItUp there is an atmosphere of mutual respect that permeates every correspondence and stage of the process. Beyond that, there is true affection for the people that make up this organization BECAUSE of the adherence to these basic tenants. It is a win-win establishment where the very core is an attitude of abundance. Your success is my success. No room for jealousy as one author’s rise to prominence brings more recognition to us all. We know that, live an breathe that. Odd? Unusual? Perhaps. It is the heart of everything good and the framework for a place that can’t help but garner kudos and respect. The draw of such an organization is not only charismatic, but just plain right.

    Best of everything to MuseItUp and Lea,

    Christine London

  33. Marva Dasef says:

    My first book with MuseItUp was released at the end of July, so I haven’t any idea of the sales, but I have absolutely no reservations of making MuseItUp my permanent publisher as long as they’ll take my books.

    Seems to be working since I’ve got three more books already in the queue, all in my Witches of Galdorheim series of MG/YA fantasy.

    Lea has gained our trust by being thorough, fair, hard-working, and producing books the authors can take pride is showing off.

  34. Great interview, Patricia and Lea. I’m a new tween author with MuseItUp, and my first adult novel was published just this year (by another publisher). I’m absolutely delighted to be part of the Muse family as everyone is so approachable. The professional edits I’ve started on for my tween novel are already helping me so much with my other writing (even though I’ve had many short stories and articles published). Even more importantly, Lea has a sound business head that should ensure continued success for us all!

  35. Vicki Batman says:

    Hi, Lea. A very nice interview. And very nice for Muse It Up!!

  36. Being a part of the MuseitUp family has added to my life immeasurably. It is a positive, thriving stable of talented writers under the leadership of Lea. Let’s not forget the behind-the-scenes people, too, like the cover artists, editors and, of course, Litsa! Honor, know-how and talent lives within each and every one. They do the literary world proud.

  37. Sorry – meant to say “Thanks so much for hosting this interview”!
    (You can probably tell I’m going to get my eyes tested today.)

  38. Thanks for much for hosting this interview. I’ve been delighted so far with my time with Muse It Up and find Lea and her team supportive and enthusiastic.

  39. Something not mentioned: Lea built up a following and a lot of trust with her MuseOnline Conference. This is an excellent conference, online and free. Many of us met there, became friends there, and learned much of what we know about marketing and writing there. It’s on again Oct 3-9. I think registration is still open:

    1. Gloria Oren says:

      Well said Karina. I met Karina at this conference back when it first started, and since have finished my memoir, am currently revising it after it was edited by another gal I met at the conference and with whom I have become good friends with, have hosted Karina’s books and interviews on my blog (check in tomorrow for the latest one at and am now an editor with MuseItUpPub. We’ve all come a long way and without Lea to lead us and the camaraderie that develops between us all, the amount of willingness to share and learn from each other, many of us wouldn’t be where we are today. Lea and the Muse is the umbrella above our heads that unites us all.

  40. Cyrus Keith says:

    I’m one of the “newbies” who Lea gave a shot at the big time. So this is my first publishing house. But I’ve heard horror stories about how authors are treated at other houses, and I’m glad this is my first taste of publishing. I’m proud to call the Muse “my house.” We have become a family in the truest sense of the word, and it’s in no small part due to Lea’s ethics and character. Thanks, Ma! *hugs*

  41. The one thing I love about Muse is the support for newbie authors like me. Like most starters out there I thought I’d hand over the book, do some edits and collect the royalties. Wow was I blown away but what it really takes to make it in that scary world! However, Lea and the rest of the crew are always willing to help guide us newbies along no matter what the time of day. I can’t express the amount I have learned here and will always be grateful to Lea and Muse for giving me the chance to learn, grow and hopefully live up to my potential.
    Killarney Sheffield.

  42. Jenna Storm says:

    Perfect interview Lea. I’m so happy to see Muse getting the recognition it deserves. Such a wonderful family to be part of.

  43. Kat Holmes says:

    I love being part of Muse and Lea has made the whole expereience, from start to finish a pleasurable experience. I’ve learned so much from her and I have no intentions of going anywhere else.

  44. SJ Clarke says:

    I know it’s hard to believe, but Lea didn’t exaggerate at all. She leads by example. Not only is she available for questions, comments, bragfests or cryfests, her entire team is on board with the same attitude. Her PR guru, award winning cover artists, and her editing team are all approachable and responsive. MuseItUp Publishing offers support, promotion and continuing education for each and every author. I’m honoured to be included in their numbers.

  45. Graeme Smith says:

    “And _they_ wouldn’t be unique to MuseItUp. But – even when Lady Lea does have to or chooses to reject…”

    Should read:

    “And _that_ wouldn’t be unique to MuseItUp. But – even when Lady Lea does have to or chooses to reject…”

  46. Graeme Smith says:

    I could go on and on for hours about the changes in publishing. Mostly because I can go on and on – andonandonandonandon – about just about anything :-P.
    But none of that would be specific to MuseItUp.
    I could talk about how e-publishing is an opportunity for writers falling at the current Query/ Synopsis/ Agent/ Form Rejection/ No risks taken here fences.
    But none of that would be specific to MuseItUp.
    I could talk about how MuseItUp don’t publish just anything they’re sent. That they do reject. And that’s a good thing, in my lackwit view, because it means they want to publish only quality work. Well, and me as well I admit, but the _rest_ is quality work (oh, lord. Lady Lea’s going to thump me again. But my ego really doesn’t need any help, so I try to keep it in check :-P). And _they_ wouldn’t be unique to MuseItUp. But – even when Lady Lea does have to or chooses to reject – it’s done with consideration, and with constructive feedback. And encouragement. Which is a lot rarer. Or more rare. Or less common. Or… or something more grammatically correct :-).
    What MuseItUp do, and do consistently, is focus on acquiring rights to quality product from quality writers, and making it available to readers at a price that is both reasonable for the reader and worthwhile for the writer.
    OK. And they publish me too. Or they’re going to. But try not to hold it against them :-P.

  47. Arlene Webb says:

    Lovely interview, and yes, a great summary of the dynamic behind MuseitUp.

  48. I agree, Lea has shown why everyone at MuseItUp is happy and confident that they are in the best possible publishing house at the moment.

  49. I think Lea has summed up why Museitup authors are such an enthusiastic group. Museitup Publishing has a dymnamic leader who believes in the company and is in it for the long haul.
    Thanks Patricia for giving Lea a chance to explain how the heart and soul of Museitup Publishing beats.

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