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MuseItUp Publishing

MuseItUp Publishing
Evaluated 29th of August 2011

New and growing epublishing house, very active on social and events front.  Seems promising.

A. Genres:

  • Romance – everything from: romantic comedy, contemporary romance, fantasy romance, historical romance, paranormal romance, romantic suspense, western romance, sweet romance, sci-fi romance, time travel romance
  • Paranormal – Fantasy –  vampires, ghosts, witches, werewolves, shape shifters and dragons
  • Mystery – Suspense -Thriller
    Young Adult
  • Horror & Dark Fiction
    Science Fiction

B. Service offered

1. Editing: Yes
2. Book cover:  Yes
3. Formatting: Yes
4. ISBN:  Yes
5. Marketing: Yes
6. Affiliates: no
7. Distribution: no data

C. Terms and Conditions

1. Advances: No
2. Royalties: 40% of net for ebooks, 20% of net for print books
3. Copyrights granted: worldwide electronic and print for English Language
4. Length of Contract: 3 years, with reversion of print rights after a year if not used

D. Credibility

1. Age: March 2010
2. Catalog: about 150 books
3. Alexa Rating: 1.8M

E. Social Media

1. Forum: Not yet
2. Blog: Yes
3. Book Club: Yes
4. Twitter: 389 followers, active
5. FaceBook: 901 group members, active

Interview of the publisher

Overall Rating:  very good taking into account young age.
B:  4/5 Stars
C:  4 Stars
D:  4 Stars
E:  4/5 Stars
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24 Responses to "MuseItUp Publishing"

  1. Thank you very much for this article! This information was very usefull for me=)

  2. Having dealt with two other publishing companies and finally self-published, I am thrilled to call myself a Muse author. Lea Shizas is an honest, hardworking, available publisher who never seems to sleep. In addition to sharp editing that is never rushed, and award winning artwork, there is an authors-only loop dedicated to supporting each other, sharing marketing tips, setting up blog tours among each other, and monthly themed opportunities for the authors on the Muse and MuseItHot blogs.

    I am also the owner of Bogus Publishers Beware, an outgrowth of last year’s Dear Author scandal that helps authors get their rights back from any publisher who tries to rip them off. We have a VERY SHORT list of publishers we trust and MuseItUp Publishing heads that list.

    My sci-fi romance/chick-lit book will be out in October and the cover art is incredible. I can’t wait to see what kind of awards it wins. The head of our art department did the cover art for my self-pubbed book and it won second place at Ya Gotta Read, losing to a MuseItUp book. I didn’t mind. I would have voted for that cover if my own wasn’t competing. I can’t praise the Muse enough.

    Kindest regards,
    Rochelle Weber

  3. Thank you for reviewing Museitup Publishing. I too am proud to be a Muse author. I appreciate the teamwork and dedication of the staff and other authors at Museitup. The atmosphere is creative, nurturing and supportive and really you can’t ask for more than that!! It is a growing company and it is an honour to be associated with Lea and the team.

  4. J Q Rose says:

    Thank you for your excellent review of Muse It Up Publishing. I am an MIU author and very proud to work with caring, generous folks from the boss, Lea Schizas, editors, and the huge gang of authors who click together to help each other. I enjoy the warmth, humor, and support found at MIU. BTW, there are many great reads to discover too..

  5. Wow. Thank you for reviewing MuseItUp! Currently, I’m a content editor for Muse, and I have to say this is one of the best publishing houses I’ve ever worked with. Lea is professional and she really does take her authors and editors into consideration. Its a wonderful company. 🙂

    -Justine (aka Jazmin)

  6. joylene says:

    I’m with MuseItUp Publishing too and I’m thrilled you have showcased them today. Beware, you’re only seeing the beginnings. MIU is going places and so are their authors. Thanks for the mention.

  7. Elle Druskin says:

    I am delighted to have several books under contract for publication next year with Muse. Lea is forthright with us and transparent and those can be rare qualities indeed.

  8. My debut YA novel is being published up by MuseItUp Publishing, and I have been extremely happy! Lea is very supportive and the marketing for each book is stellar. The cover art is gorgeous on the books, and the availability for each title at many, many different places is outstanding.

  9. Let me add my voice to the general chorus of approval. Enthusiasm, professionalism and hard work on behalf of authors are Muse’s trademarks. Oh, and incredible cover art! This positive review is well deserved.

  10. Wendy says:

    Thank you for highlighting MuseItUp Publishing. Lea and her large team of editors and cover artists give their all to make our books the best a reader can hope for. I am a very happy author (YA Historical fiction) recently published, and I love my cover artist and editors who are like family to me. Lea is our Mother Hen. Being part of the MuseItUp experience is a joy, an honour and a privilege.

  11. I am also a MuseItUp author. My debut novel is scheduled to be released June 2012, and I couldn’t be happier with my MuseItUp experience. Everyone has gone out of their way to make me feel welcome, and to a newbee like myself … that really means a lot! I truly feel blessed.

  12. Gail Branan says:

    I submitted a fantasy romance to Muse with very little expectation that any portion of that submission would be read beyond the obligatory history of prior published work, which in my case was none. That fantasy romance, Miami Days and Truscan (K)nights will publish in April 2012. But the anticipation of becoming a published author actually palls in comparison to the feeling of homecoming that blesses a writer who walks through the Muse doors. The writers are family. Lea is our champion. Muse is here to stay. Spirit and fellowship, coupled with shear talent and know-how is unbeatable. Muse also builds from within. There is no way to adequately convey to anyone not associated with Muse how much we all learn from each other, how we make each other better — better people and better writers. Thank you for your kind comments and ratings. Please be assured that Lea and Muse have most assuredly earned them.

    1. Chad says:

      Not only a fantastic up and coming author but a beautiful person personally. She has more areas of expertise that we all can imagine. Trust me, share with me and look forward to Miami Days and Truscan nights that will publish in April 2012 to read her first published work. It will be a fantastic read. For this opportunity thank you Muse from all her future reader’s!

  13. Sue Perkins says:

    I am also an author with MuseItUp Publishing and have a Middle Grade book coming out with them in October 2011. I am delighted with MuseItUp. They may be young but the owners have a deep knowledge of what authors and readers want. Well done MuseItUp.

  14. I am both an author and an editor with Muse. I started with Lea as one of her original editors. I am thrilled you have put the word out about what a fabulous place MuseItUP Publishing is. Everyone is supportive, understanding, and available. This is a house which can only continue to grow.

  15. I was fortunate enough to have my debut historical romance novel picked up by MuseItUp Publishing and since 6 more and two shorts. I was even happy to recieve 3 rejections from her because it lets me know that she will not take anything that isn’t my best even though I have other works contracted with her. I have learned an amazing amount in the year I have been with Lea. She is always encouraging even when some of us think way outside the box like tracking down an 80’s rockstar to provide music for a debut trailer. She never once sid I couldn’t do it and was the first to congradulate me when I did. I am hoping for great things as part of MuseItUp.

  16. Jenna Storm says:

    Thank you for evaluating Muse It up. I am a new author with them and I’ve been extremely pleased with my experience. It’s so nice that those who have made Muse the great publishing house that it is are being recognized for their hard work.

  17. L.J. Holmes says:

    I have been an author with Muse since it first opened its doors. Currently I have 13 contracts, with Beyond Yesterday coming out next Friday putting seven of the thirteen already out there.

    Lea and Litsa, the forces behind Muse show us the way to achieve excellence and then stand behind us every step of the way. Having had an editor and agent before I am extrememly happy to be at Muse where authors are treated as valued members of the Muse FAMILY.

    It IS a family, so much so I recently began spotlighting the editors after seeing these talented artisians who take our rough cuts and like diamond cutters help us release gems worthy of Muse’s quality did not receive much in the way of accolades from what I could see elsewhere. Without the editors, we would have nothing but the raw minerals. I like the polished gems, and so, it seems do our readers and reviewers.

    Muse began winning prizes before its doors opened when our Head COver Artis, Delilah K. Stephans took one of the top Covey Awards for her artistic creation for OAK KING’S DAUGHTER by Emily Pikkasso.

    Muse It Up Publishing, Inc. officially opened to the public on October 1, 2010 two full months before its original launch date.

    In less than four months from its opening it earned along with the Muse Online Writers Conference 22 top ten P&E 2010 Readers Poll awards…I was, to my utmost surprise a number 5 winner in my category for my debut story SANTA IS A LADY that released on December 1, 2010.

    Humor, play, interaction, thinking outside the box, Lea and Litsa do that all the time, and because they make excellent role models, so do the rest of us.

    Thank you for investigating our Publisher. In investigating the quality of Muse you are letting all of us at Muse know we are doing the job as we swore we would back when I first joined Muse back in March 2010, and that is the highest praise.

  18. I had a very unfortunate experience with my former publisher who I only refer to as SheWhoShallNotBeNamed. By contrast, although my historical novels Tangled Love and Sunday’s Child have not yet been published my experience with Lea is the complete opposite. Lea always takes time to reply to my e mails and is very supportive,

    All the best,

    Rosemary Morris

  19. Thanks for the very deserving review for MuseItUp Publishing. I am a YA author with MuseItUp and I am so glad I am with them. Many publishers (primarly e-book) get your book out there, but then leave it up the author to do all of the promotion. But not Muse. They actively help with marketing and have so many resources to take advantage of. And the group of authors there? Awesome! They are willing to collaborate and work together to help everyone there have a successful experience. And the editors are so accessible it is wonderful – they are great. Even the ‘boss’ as we fondly call her, Lea Schizas, personally responds to any questions we have, and works her tail off for Muse. I’ve had only the best of experiences with Muse! Jan

  20. Thanks for the info. This e-pub has marvelous buzz indeed. Authors are happy as are readers. Out of the box thinking by publisher and lots of interaction between all concerns. Very transparent. Bravo!

  21. I recommend MuseItUp for new writers. So far, I have a short story published with the “Perfect Ten,” and my second DragonEye, PI novel,*Live and Let Fly* is coming out from them in April.

    I chose MuseItUp because I know and trust the publisher, Lea Schizas. She is one of the greats for social marketing and gives her all to everything she does. She also cares greatly about her writers and takes time to work with them.

    The editors are excellent, too. I just got the first edits back on Live and Let Fly, and not only did Chris catch stuff, but she taught me a good lesson on what words I’m wont to overuse. I’m looking forward to the future edits.

    Lea also works with authors on marketing in general, with hints and ideas, personal attention, and plenty of hard work.

    For a reader’s POV, you will find some unique, quality fiction that does not fit the standard pegs of publishing. Check them out.

  22. I’m one of the authors with MuseItUp Publishing. I’ve been with two others, and I can honestly say, it’s the best publisher I’ve been with so far. Not only is the owner, editors and cover artists helpful, everyone – including the other authors, are supportive and friendly.

  23. Lea Schizas says:

    I want to thank you for taking the time and investigating our pub house. Truly appreciated and honored with your rating. Thank you.

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