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Humor for Writers – Editor’s Paradise

Humor for Writers – Editor’s Paradise

By Patricia de Hemricourt

John Storywriter’s editor, Rosa,  might have been great at her job, but after years of being berated by writers after writers, her temper had taken a nasty shade, though she reserved it for her family and menial workers.

Neither John nor any other writer could ever have seen her bitchy side as she knew full well writers are sensitive being . So with her clients she was patient as an angel.

One day, in the middle of screaming at a waitress, reducing her to tears, she popped a vein in her brain and collapsed. While in the ambulance, she fretted about, terrified at the idea of dying in the middle of such a horrendous outburst, certain she would go to hell. Then she died…

Shaking with fear, she arrived at the Pearly Gates,
Towering above her Was St Peter who kindly asked “”What have you done to gain admission here?”
“Here it comes,” she thought, unable to utter a single word. “I am going to hell!”
Her shaking got so violent that even the cloud on which she stood began trembling.

“There, there,” said St Peter reassuringly, “Surely it cannot be as bad as you think”

Still Rosa stands there, mute and with teary eyes.

By now St Peter is convinced she must have killed, maimed, tortured and even God doesn’t know what else. Still his job is to draw confession from newcomers

“I’ll tell you what,” he said, smiling as he decided to resort to an infallible trick to make them talk. “Start by telling me what was your job.”

“I’ve been an editor, sir,” she said, shedding a tear.
“My poor thing,” said St Peter, forgetting about his former suspicion and opening the Pearly , “Come on in ad choose your harp. You’ already had your share of hell.”

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