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Echelon Press

Echelon Press
Evaluated 14th of August 2011

With well defined genres and strict submission policies, this is a good bet for the appropriate genres. Reports of delay in answering submissions, so patience is the name of the game

A. Genres:

Romance (no erotica),Mystery (Series: humor, hobby, occupational, travel, international),Thriller/Suspense (Series: hardcore, noir, police procedural), Western (Series: humor, traditional)

B. Service offered

1. Editing: Yes
2. Book cover: Yes
3. Formatting: Yes
4. ISBN: No data
5. Marketing: Yes
6. Affiliates: no
7. Distribution: Yes

C. Terms and Conditions

1. Advances: No Data
2. Royalties: No Data
3. Copyrights granted: No Data
4. Length of Contract: No Data
No direct information about the contract but positive feedback from reliable sources

D. Credibility

1. Age: Since 2001
2. Catalog: Too many to count
3. Alexa Rating: 5M

E. Social Media

1. Forum: No
2. Blog: Yes
3. Book Club: No but they have a mailing list
4. Twitter: 3644 followers, active
5. FaceBook: 312 fans, last activity September 2010

Overall Rating : Good/Very Good
B: 5 Stars
C: 3/4 Stars
D: 5 Stars
E: 4 Stars

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One Response to "Echelon Press"

  1. Karen Syed says:

    Thought I would fill in a few of your blanks.

    A: We also have the Quake line for young readers, Echelon Shorts for short stories and novellas, and Explorations for speculative fiction.

    B: We do supply ISBN numbers for each of the published works, both for print and eBook.

    C:1. Advances: We no longer offer advances.
    2. Royalties: We do pay royalties. (% of retail on print and % of net on eBook)
    3. Copyrights granted: We put a notice of copyright, but author is required to apply for official copyright in their own name.
    4. Length of Contract: Typically four years from date of publication.

    E: We do not generally use the Facebook PAGE at this time. We do have an active account for general info (4467 friends). Once we hit our 5000 friends we will utilize the PAGE.

    Thanks for the inclusion.

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