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The Winner’s Book – A Letter While I’M Away by Misty Dyan Batson

Last Sunday, we announced the winner of our first Flash Fiction Contest, Misty Dyan Batson. Today is the time to learn more about the author and her fascinating book.

Book Review : A Letter While I’M Away by Misty Dyan Batson

A short story encapsulating the inner contradiction between the banality of crime and the haunting power of the memory. The opening paragraph is misleading as it seems to introduce yet another rape story. More about the story cannot be said without spoiling the natural reading progression.

As it is unclear whether this story is entirely autobiographical or mix of fiction and autobiography, the question stands as to the aim of the writer. Is this an attempt to report an unsolved crime or a fictional examination of the mind work of a murderer that incorporates autobiographical elements?

The fresh and brutally truthful voice of the author leaves that question open. Read it and judge for yourself!

Author’s Biography

Born in Syracuse, Utah, Misty Dyan Batson now lives in Salt Lake City, still in Utah. In the course of her busy life, he has, among other things, worked with autists and served the Peace Corps in Guyana, South America. Misty has been published in literary journals in the U.K, featuring her short stories, and poetry. She regularly exhibits her original and idiosyncratic art. Never at rest, she is currently working on a chapbook collection, a poetry series and several painting projects.

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  1. Timothy S. Batson ( the dad ) says:

    I used to call Misty cannon ball, because every once of her body wieght is muscle mass. When ever I picked her up, it was like picking up a gunnysack full of cannonballs. She was also attacked by a band of rabid rodents,or so she convinced her mother. The Dad.

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