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Aurora Regency

Aurora Regency
Evaluated 17th of July 2011

This is a very new publishing house specializing in a very niche market. There are still to many data missing to form a definite opinion about them, but the fact that they are hiring a new editor is a good sign. A house to be followed. Any additional information from writers with personal experience with them is welcome.

A. Genres:

Traditional Regency romances. All their heroines are virgins on their wedding night, the strictures of Society etiquette are inviolable (except by hoydens in madcap adventures) and their heroes are required to be fascinating and charismatic.

B. Service offered

1. Editing: Yes
2. Book cover: Yes
3. Formatting: Yes
4. ISBN: Yes
5. Marketing: On-site – no additional data
6. Affiliates: No
7. Distribution: Available in Amazon

C. Terms and Conditions

1. Advances: No data
2. Royalties: No data
3. Copyrights granted: No data
4. Length of Contract: No data

D. Credibility

1. Age: Opened in October 2010
2. Catalog: Not bad considering they are less than a year old
3. Alexa Rating: No rank – indicates that their ranking is below the minimum required to be ranked.

E. Social Media

1. Forum: No
2. Blog: Yes – active but still low ranking
3. Book Club: No, but they keep a mailing list of clients
4. Twitter: 10 followers, inactive since March 2011
5. FaceBook: 42 fans, inactive since March 2011

Overall – Fair considering their new presence on the market

B : 4 stars
C: No data
D: 1 star, but to be followed.
E: 2 stars

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    Why do I bother calling up people when I can just read this!

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