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Atlantic Bridge Press


Atlantic Bridge Press
Evaluated on 17th of July 2011

With a mere 2 books published in over 10 years, this is a typical example of a wannabe publishing house that started with good intention and went nowhere at all. As they are not accepting submissions, nor are they actually publishing anything, chances are they only keep it on to cater for the needs of their existing 3 authors (one of the 2 books was co-authored) to have an online presence backed by a publishing house or in case the fancy to go back to publishing takes them. Altogether amateurish at best.

A. Genres: N/A

B. Service offered

1. Editing: No
2. Book cover: Yes
3. Formatting: Yes
4. ISBN: Yes
5. Marketing: No data
6. Affiliates: No
7. Distribution: No data

C. Terms and Conditions

1. Advances: No
2. Royalties: 45%
3. Copyrights granted: All electronic rights
4. Length of Contract: One year

D. Credibility

1. Age: Since 1999
2. Catalog: 2 books from 3 authors
3. Alexa Rating: 2.8 M

E. Social Media

1. Forum: No
2. Blog: No
3. Book Club: No
4. Twitter: No
5. FaceBook: No

Overall Rating – Bad

B: 3 stars
C: 4 stars
D: 0 stars
E: 0 stars

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2 Responses to "Atlantic Bridge Press"

  1. Just as a heads-up…Atlantic Bridge is the “mother” publisher of Liquid Silver Books, so if you’d like more information about the publisher as a whole, get with them!

  2. Jailen says:

    A few years ago I’d have to pay someone for this information.

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