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eBook Formatters

eBook formatting

eBook formatting

Now the book is edited, with a nice cover at the ready, it just needs to be formatted.

There are a number of various formats for eBooks, such as .EPUB, .PDF, .RTF, .PDB, .MOBI, LRF, TXT, online HTML and Javascript to name a few. Each support accepts one or some of these formats but not all of them. Sounds like an insurmountable barrier to those of us not technologically apt wordsmiths.

Luckily, there are a lot of people out there just ready to help us turn our manuscript into an eBook. For a one time fee, they will let us use their skills.

Scroll down to the comment section to find some of them.

For eBook formatters: Insert a link to your website and/or contact details as well as a few words about your skills in the comment section below.

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23 Responses to "eBook Formatters"

  1. thomaswilson says:

    we offer a complete portfolio of automated and cost-effective publishing solutions worldwide including eBook conversion, epub conversion, conversion in to Interactive eBooks with HTML5 & CSS3, Fixed Layout ePubs and much more. Get in touch with us at

  2. Julie Oxford says:


    Your southern country man responded before you and took care of my mobi problem. I would have tried you next, because I believe India has some of the very finest minds in the electronics industry.

    Thank you for your response; perhaps in the future. JK Oxford

  3. Julie Oxford says:

    I want to publicly thank Arul Rajah for his flawless work in correcting my mobi file in a VERY short time.

    Several formatting vendors told me my mobi file could not be changed without the original document from which my mobi was made. This is an utterly false statement, as Arul corrected my mobi perfectly.

    It is time for electronic professionals to learn eBUB technology better before they make false statements; this way perhaps they could admit their limitations and not propagate confusion in this burgeoning technology.

    Those who responded in this error could begin by bowing low, in humility, before those more expert in their profession.

    I am eternally grateful for Arul.

    1. arul says:

      Hi Julie

      Thank you so much for your comments!

  4. Linda Morone says:

    Data Conversion Laboratory has thirty years of experience in electronic document conversion services. We are a US-based organization providing experienced, professional, hands-on project management & QC editing. We serve a broad range of clients from independent authors to government agencies globally. Our expertise includes conversion services from structured and unstructured data resulting in end products such as EPUB, MOBI, (X)HTML, DAISY and other formats. We employ proven automated processes to ensure high accuracy levels, specialize in complex projects including specific multi-lingual requirements, complicated mathematical formulas, images, & tables, as well as textbooks, children’s books, medical journals & trade books. Our clients benefit from an easy-to-follow ‘progress overview’ allowing them to track their project in real-time throughout all stages of the conversion. Other related services include composition, transcription & more. Please contact Linda Morone, SVP of Sales & Marketing, at {lmorone(at)dclab[dot]com} for further details & inquiries.

    More information can be found at

  5. Prakash says:

    I am actually looking for someone to convert my ebook into an epub that will be accepted by ibookstore. So far, no one has been able to sucessfully do it. They all make these promises:
    (a) that they have inside contact with ibookstore support staff
    (b) that they have published children’s books in fixed layout format
    (c) that they can do the conversion for a low fee

    But so far, no one has been successful in giving me an epub based on my book that was accepted by ibookstore.

    if you think you can do it (there are several in this thread who did make those promises to me but have not yet delivered on their promise) then please respond to this thread with your contact details.

    1. Thomas Hill says:

      Hi, Prakash:

      My company has created several ebooks that have been accepted by the iBookstore. Feel free to send me an e-mail and I will walk you through our process.



  6. Jaynath says:

    Dear Patrica,

    At Manipal Digital Systems (MDS), we work with clients and partners around the world and across diverse markets to provide premedia services, content publishing services & creative production solutions ranging from imaging, design, animation & programming services to more complex projects that require design support, and fully integrated publishing workflows and cross-media technology. In a nutshell, we provide high-quality, cost-effective, 24/7/365 service to our customers.

    Our top-quality premedia services help you publish your content across all channels, print, web or alternate media in the best possible way. It goes without saying that we will save you money, but more importantly we will help you do your job better by improving workflows, cutting lead times, maximizing quality, better customer service, and all the things that are of value in your business. We will help YOU excel at what YOU do! We measure our success through YOUR success.

    Our proven processes provide complete end-to-end media solutions by applying the necessary skilled resources, and bringing together people, craft, technology and most importantly global collaboration.



  7. Gabriel says:

    Hi Patricia,

    Besides teching at the University, I and my team we have been doing digital books for 15 years (Palms and Franklins at the beginning, and now EPUBs). We sincerily believe in the use of XML and we not only provide good EPUBs but also a clear and useful XML we will use as a base and you could keep to prepare future works.We are based in Barcelona and you can find us at


  8. Hi, My name is Sepideh Pahlavani and I am a Swedish graduate in Art Direction with excellent knowledge and design skills within most multimedia and design software packages.

    I have extensive experience in logo design, re-branding and corporate design, stationery, leaflets, brochures, publications, newsletters, press advertising, posters, books, magazines and digital media.

    I have worked with big global companies such as HP, KPMG and IntervetSchering-Plough but also with small local businesses. Being very passionate about all aspects of art and design, I approach every single project with a high degree of professionalism. No job is too small, I provide innovative, creative, cost-effective advertising and design for all my clients with a friendly approach.

    Please contact me for full portfolio preview.

  9. Amit Dey says:

    I got reference from one of my close connection Betsy Riley for this site regarding eBook Formatter. This is Amit Dey from Kolkata, India. I have worked in digital publishing for the last six years as an e-book conversion specialist. I convert any PDF, MS Word file, printed books, magazines, and other documents into e-book platforms, such as Kindle, iPad, Sony, iBookstore, Nook, Kobo, B&N, and more. This involves manual coding and creation of the following digital formats:

    * .mobi, .prc, and .azw for the Kindle
    * .epub for iPad, Sony, and Nook Readers
    * .lit for Microsoft Reader
    * .lrf for Sony Reader

    Enhanced eBook: Video enhanced epub format for iBookstore

    Other Services: MSS Word Formatting, Typesetting (Print ready PDF), Illustration, XML Conversion, PDF based eBook, Data Entry, Data Capture, OCR Conversion.
    Feel free to reach me:

    1. Julie Oxford says:


      I need my finished mobi file changed so that the Table of Contents is in the beginning rather than the end. I need just this one change to an otherwise completed mobi file.

      When could you have this task completed?
      What would be your charge?

      Thank you,



  10. JiPi says:

    I am not a writer but I made a few ebooks from unpublished or forgotten books. I investigated a lot before starting but now it is very easy. You need:

    1. a still camera (or a mobile like iPhone, Android, it works great also)
    2. Scan Tailor: a free software to enhance picture (or scans)
    3. Abby Finereader or any good software enable to “read” pictures and transform them to text.
    4. Calibre: a free software to convert a doc or text document in any ebook format (epub, mobi,…)
    5. Sigil: a free software to edit ebooks

    1. Take pictures of your physical book (one picture for two pages). Use good lighting. The best is to do it on natural light during the day otherwise use a good light.

    2. Open Scantailor and load all your picture (ordered). This program will split pages,select content, enhance contrast, deskew and prepare for scanning.

    3. Load the resulting file in Abby Finereader to scan the “images” and transform to text. Save to pdf

    4. Load the pdf into Calibre to convert it in epub.

    5. Use Sigil to edit, correct, make book table, insert pictures and covers.

    6. Use your ebook (epub) as is or convert it to the desired format with Calibre (mobi format for Kindle).

    Good luck. It takes 2-4 hours max to make a good quality ebook. Once you have made your first one it could take less.

  11. rickiek says:

    We are a local based NYC company that specializes in epub conversions.
    Check us out at
    Note, all our services are done in NYC, in-house – no outsourcing.

  12. I convert to Kindle, ePub, and all other e-book formats. The Kindle and ePub conversions are done separately and hand-coded specifically for each type of format. I do more than simple conversions; I actually format the manuscript specifically for each type of e-book format. Think of it as personalized typesetting for each e-book format. Each format is then hand-checked on the actual device it will be used on and examined one last time to correct any formatting errors. In addition, I prepare a specially-formatted Word doc ready to submit to Smashwords.

    I also offer publishing services, ISBNs, Twitter hashtag integration, e-book covers, and websites.

    Go to The E-book Editor for more information.

    1. Betty Davis says:

      Hello I maybe interested in your services. I presently am having a paperback book published through Create Space and would like to have a the book offered through an e-book. Ihave a copy of a pdf and word already.The cover and graphics will be available in eight weeks when the book is ready. Would youi be intersested in looking at my book and what would the fees be? It is already professionally edited and ready to go. It is an adventure book for boys ten and up.

  13. Diana Horner says:

    We are based in Sussex, UK, and we have been helping writers to epublish since early 2010.
    Our clients like the personal service and attention to detail we offer. Have a look at our website for details of our services, and to see some of our many testimonials.

    We convert all kinds of books, from print copy, or electronic file. Experienced in all genres, fiction, non fiction, illustrated books, childrens books etc.

    Author pays for conversion services, we do not take a share of royalties, unless you choose to use our seller accounts to distribute your ebook, in which case we would charge only 10% of net royalties.

    We are recommended by Waterstone’s.

    Would love to hear from you 🙂


  14. Rajeev Kumar says:

    We are the e-publishing service provider from india. We are work in ebook, Enhanced ebook, Kindle conversion, Nook.

    Rajeev Kumar

  15. I am the e-coder for ChiZine Publications, an independent publisher of weird, surreal, subtle, and disturbing dark literary fiction hand-picked by Brett Alexander Savory and Sandra Kasturi, Bram Stoker Award-winning editors.

    I love books. Or more accurately, I love eBooks. I resisted, I really did — but now that I’m on board, I won’t read anything but an e-book. I am also an award-winning writer, having won an Aurora (Canada’s version of the Hugo) in 2010 for Women of the Apocalypse.

    Come check out my services at

  16. Moolchand says:

    DigiConv Technologies is one of the leading pre-publishing service company, providing end-to-end content management and content transformation services including high quality Digital Typesetting, e-Publishing (ebook, epub, Mobi-Pocket, SGML, XML), Data Conversion and related services for Books and Journals, for various Publishers, Presses and Corporate. DigiConv Technologies has been offering a full range of high-end publishing services for – STM, HSS, professional and educational books/journals; Reference books; Elementary, high school and college textbooks; Custom made course material; User manuals and catalogues; Financial and legal publications.

    DigiConv Technologies is a leading Business Processing Outsourcing Solutions provider, providing back office and backend services and solutions since 2004. Our core competence lies in delivering superior document and information management services & solutions to a wide range of clients in the private and public sectors. We are based in Capital of India, Delhi.

    Please contact me for any other clarification. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

  17. I have quite a bit of information about formatting ebooks on my site, along with a description of my services.

  18. ALL MY BEST Business and Nonfiction Copyediting can format (at a basic to intermediate level) the black-and-white interior of your MS Word manuscript and can convert it to PDF format, whether for printing (allowing wider margins for trimming and a wider bound-edge margin) or e-publishing (with regular, uniform margins). Formatting tasks include setting up proper page sizes and margins for binding, creating custom headers and footers, applying appropriate page numbering, determining the most visually appealing font types and sizes, inserting appropriate white space between subheadings and elsewhere, and so on. Currently experienced at formatting for both print and PDF e-books; soon to be experienced at custom formatting for Kindle, etc. For more information, visit and contact me at [email protected].

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