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When publishing a book, the cover design is an essential part of catching the potential reader’s eye.

In addition to getting the attention of potential readers,  a book cover needs to say something about the content of your book.

For those of us writers who are not able to design a good book cover, we might want to hire the services of a professional.

Look in the comment section to find book cover illustrators, visit their site and their portfolios to choose the best one for you.

To illustrators: Please post a link to your website and portfolio and  a word about your specialty as a comment below.

Update September 9th, 2013 : a Beta stage start-up to help writers and illustrators meet is opening soon

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59 Responses to "Illustrators"

  1. Hi my name is Elli Chortara and I do editorial/book Illustrations. My work is a combination of hand drawn and digital and elements, meeting abstract with graphic.

    You can have a look at my work at or

    I have experience working as a freelance designer for a publishing house, creating book covers. I can use typography or do hand lettering and I am a professional user of Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/In Design.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you, if you would have a relevant project or would like to discover more about me and my work.

    Best regards,

    Elli Chortara

  2. Nico Milano. says:

    Hi, I specialize in children’s illustration. I am a traditional illustrator, but I also work mixing traditional and digital.
    You can get to now me better in my blog: (children’s illustrations).

    Contact me if looking for an illustrator. Reasonable prices…for both parties.



  3. Ken Henson says:

    Hi, writers. I’ve illustrated and designed several book covers for several large and small publishers. Whether black and white, or super-saturated color, my work is edgy and packs visual punch.

    Contact me for my reasonable rates. 🙂

  4. Hi, just look on my site (In Dutch, but images say sometimes more than words)… for your bookcovers, posters, cards, (children) cartoons. My work is often mysterious but with a humoristic twist. Love to hear from you.

  5. Kim Johnson says:

    I am a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. I worked in children’s educational publishing for 5 years.
    I currently own and operate my feelance business, as well as 3 Etsy shops.

  6. I’ve been a Disney story book artist for seven years.
    I’ve Illustrated book and video covers since 1990.

  7. Meital Gueta says:


    My name is Meital. I am Freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator.

    I work with a variety of materials, creating images and type illustrations for posters, books, magazines and invitations. I enjoy the challenge of transforming ideas into visuals.

    Please find my work at:
    And at:

    Thank you,

  8. egarcigu says:

    Hi. I am an illustrator and designer. Here you can have a look at my portfolio:

    For covers, maybe good checking the Posters section:

    Do not hesitate to contact me for any potential commission

  9. Cynthia says:

    Hi! I’m an artist and children’s book illustrator. I work in different media (ink, watercolors, pencil, digital) and I can accomodate to various styles to suit clients’ needs.
    You are welcome to check out my illustrations at

  10. Russ Leach says:

    I work mostly in comic strip but can adapt as necessary.

  11. Anat Even Or says:


    My name is Anat, I am an illustrator with experience in book illustration, editorial illustration, design and more. I have various styles that can fit many different book genres.

    You are welcome to check out my work at

    Thank you,

  12. Silvio Kiko says:

    Hello Patricia,
    Is my name Silvio Kiko, I am illustrador, please if you need to consult for projects?, do it, I will answer to the briefness any consultation, greetings.

  13. Harringtoon says:

    I work in many different styles to suit various clients needs.
    I specialize in humorous and fantasy illustration.
    Please check out my site at and my blog
    Thank you

  14. Hi, I illustrate mainly childrens books, but I don’t refuse any other field! Go to see my site, please!

  15. Paul Abrams says:

    I am interested in your ad posted at
    I have years of experience in doing illustrations, having done character designing, concept art, card art, comicbooks, cover art and storyboards. I work both traditionally and digitally.

    My work can be viewed at: -illustrations
    Thank you for your consideration

  16. Deb Lucke says:

    I’m a designer and an illustrator. I’ve got seven published books of my own and designed covers freelance at St. Martin’s Press.

  17. Tom Crielly says:


    I am both an illustrator and graphic designer and work in a range of styles which can be viewed on my personal site
    If you see any styles there that fit your needs then please feel free to get in touch and we can discuss further.

    Good luck with your project, Tom

  18. Nate Owens says:

    I’ve done illustrations and paintings for a variety of publications, book covers, greeting cards and other clients for over 3 decades –
    I have two web sites, two blogs and numerous other web presence sites…
    Recently signed on with a company in Cairo to do art for their products, did illustrations for a national publication in the Midwest, and I’ve been sent to China and Japan on behalf of clients…

    Painting Website =
    Illustration Website =
    Art Licensing Options: A flip-page presentation =
    Imprinted Shirts/Cups and other gifts (flip-page) =
    Scripture-Inspired art as prints, etc.:(flip-page) = – and –
    Doodles: Conceptual scribbling’s/Characters (flip-page) =
    Retrospective: 30+ years of illustration/greeting cards/etc. (flip-page) =
    Overview: Background & Clients =

    That’s a lot, but I’ve covered a lot of ground 8^)
    Thanks for taking a look

  19. Hello, I have done covers for an e-book and published book before.

    The e-book was an erotic bi-sexual vampire novel, and the other book was an adventure/treasure-hunting novel.

    I am experienced in both traditional and digital mediums. I mostly do urban fantasy/horror artwork although I am by no means limited to those genres.

    I can also do character design and interior art.

    I have a little experience in Typography, but usually I prefer just doing the art while letting a designer handle the text.

    I can be reached at [email protected] or 906 235 1174.
    To see my artwork, go to
    To get to know me and check out where I hang out online, go to

  20. Good review! This is exactly the type of article that should be shared around the web. Sad on the Google for not positioning this article higher!

  21. Paul Weiner says:

    Hi I am a freelance illustrator for children educational publishers.
    My website is http//
    Paul Weiner

  22. Hi i am a Fashion and children’s illustrator,

    My website :

    Julianne Kennelly

  23. Please visit my web portfolio at: to view my work and how it may best suit your next project.



  24. RB Russell says:

    Hi Folks,

    A cartoonist and illustrator – you can find my work at


  25. I’ve used Adam Masterman to do a couple of covers. He’s been fast and fair to work with.

  26. Greetings,

    I’m a fresh face in the illustration market – I’m also a product developer and consumer insights specialist. I truly enjoy the direct expression of my art through illustration. I’m currently working on illustrated apps, but also work in other mediums suitable for cover art (acrylic, watercolor, pen&ink, vector/AI).

    I’d be happy to provide a specific sample to help you find your dream illustrator. With my background in PD, I’m used to working very rapidly to produce sketches and can get back to you quickly. FYI, I’m in the NY area. Drop me a line any time.

    My best,


  27. Greetings, I am an illustrator, graphic designer, and cartoonist out of Buffalo, NY. My specialty is in science fiction and fantasy illustration with a semi-realistic “manga” flare. I work on character design, comics, cover design (including all type), poster art, etc. My primary tools are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, and well as various traditional media. Above is a link to my web site, and here is a direct link to the gallery:

    Michael J. Trampert
    Tramp Graphics
    Buffalo, NY

  28. Emiliano V. says:


    Mi name is Emiliano Villani, I´m an freelance illustrator from Argentina, Southamerica(Digital painting, comics, character design, concept art,covers, paintings and more).
    I have published my work in Spain,USA, Argentina, Central America and Australia.

    To see samples of my work, you can visit my portfolio in this link:


    Emiliano Villani

  29. Hi all,

    I am a professional children’s book illustrator based in the UK. Through being heavily influenced by artists such as Arthur Rackham, Robert Ingpen, Maurice Sendak and Anthony Brown, i have gone on to develop traditional illustration techniques that are employed to create pictures that are full of life.
    As a consequence of my passion and enthusiasm for natural history, My work, even when stylized, presents a degree of realism, drawing out distinctive qualities of expressive behaviour of both wildlife and people.

    All can be seen on my website. Thankyou!

  30. Jane Denny says:

    Hello writers and publishers,

    This is Jane Denny at The Mad Hand Arts, Graphics & Design. I am an illustrator and graphic designer with much experience designing covers of all kinds including books, CD covers and magazines, as well as full book/magazine layout and production. I have portfolios online at: (my main commercial design portfolio that features work in 7 categories) (a subdomain of that features newer projects not yet uploaded to the main site) (my “pet” project, no pun intended, a reality cat cartoon starring a very crazy kitty, Johnny).

    I would love to hear about any and all opportunities for helping authors realize the vision for their material.


  31. HI,Me and my boyfriend are italian illustrators.We worked several years in 2d animation,comics and illustration.We are children’s illustrators and cover artists.We do a lot of style from children’s art to young adult to adult.
    You can see our works here:


  32. Hello

    I’m a freelance digital illustrator and image manipulator. I’ve designed book covers and posters for several well know publishers, authors and production companies. My work has been included in some of the industry leading magazines and books like Advanced Photoshop and Imagine FX as well as winning several awards.

    You can see a selection of my work here:

    Thanks so much for your time



  33. Manuela says:

    Hi, I’m a children book illustrator. Either for paper, online, or tablet with animations.

  34. Mirela Tufan says:

    Hi, I’m a Children’s Books Illustrator. My work is mostly generated by hand and computer processed but I can work using tratidional techniques as well.
    My work can be reviewed at:
    Thank you for your time.
    Best regards,

  35. Greetings,

    I am an illustrator of Fantasy, Children’s and Sci Fi style books. I have several blogs where you can also see my skills.

    I use traditional and computer aided processes.
    My background is that of an animator working in computer and traditional studios. My work has been represented at Walt Disney TV , Mad Magazine, Animal Logic and Warner Brothers Australia.


  36. Hi, I’m a freelance illustrator and a comic artist. I use traditional techniques and use both reailistic and humoristic styles.
    My website:
    Thank you for your time.
    All my best,


  37. Hello!
    I’ve been illustrating kids books, book covers, logo designs, package designs, holiday cards and more. I work as a freelancer for ‘Halo Publishing’, and ‘The creative group. I’ve been working for independent authors and other clients who want to get their story or product out into the world. I’m very hard working, and I make sure that i give the client a variety of work to choose from. My work is mainly classified as Fantasy and mystical, but i do have other styles as well such as cartoonish, and graphic.

    I would love for you to see my work and see if I’m a good fit for your project. Talk to you soon. Thanks! 🙂

    Phone: 440-539-8675
    Email: [email protected]

  38. Hello,

    As of last week I have completed a series of illustrations for an upcoming children book. Images from the book will posted on my site shortly.

    As an editorial illustrator and graphic designer I have had the opportunity to be part of the ever-transforming digital mash up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Both my digital and traditional portraits have been published on a regular basis on the section covers and on the Editorial and Opinion pages of the San Francisco Chronicle. In addition, I have completed assignments for clients such as Cisco Systems, Time Magazine, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, Sports Illustrated, and MacWorld Expo.

    Please see the following links for more work:

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Best regards,

  39. Tim Twelves says:

    Hi – I’m Tim Twelves, Freelance Illustrator & Graphic Artist.
    I’ve illustrated numerous magazines, books and comics, as well as producing covers for the like, as well as CDs and posters over the last 15 years.

    My work can be seen as a little dark, but that’s just mostly what I get called to produce despite having a broad range to call upon.

    Originally I’m from London, UK and am now based in San Francisco, USA – not that it makes a difference where I am as my portfolio will always be:

  40. Axel says:

    Hello here’s links to view samples of my work…I’ve worked on comic books here and there and created covers for certain projects. I mainly work on concept designs for games and animation,

    Character Design: and




  41. I’m an illustrator/designer/blogger with years of experience in the Chicago advertising community. I’ve done book covers, posters, storyboards, and more. Please visit my website for samples of my work:

  42. Meg O'Brien says:

    Helloooo! I’m a freelance illustrator with children’s book experience. 🙂

    Come visit!

  43. Noumier says:

    I’m a freelance illustrator, here’s the links to my projects:

  44. John Parsons says:

    I’m a versatile illustrator with plenty of pictures for you to look at on my website or my fan-page on Facebook

  45. Superupaman says:


    I’m a freelance Illustration Artist who’ve found his niche in Realism art and thus practicing it ever since. Please follow the link to find more details about my art and commission info.

    I’m currently open to new opportunities, as I generally like to have my hands occupied. =]


  46. Hi, I am a cartoonist and illustrator and have had six of my own books published an illustrated lots more, please see the website .Thanks.

  47. Hello,

    My work is painterly, based in traditional techniques, and depicts straight forward concepts that are imaginative and connect.

    Simultaneously, I get a solid likeness.

    My clients include:
    Associated Press, Gannett News Service,
    OC Investment, Eagle publications, and Brundage Publishing.
    Creative Quarterly: illustration award Chef Ramsay

    Please consider my work for your next illustration assignment. Looking for cover and spot illustration, but not limited to.

    Thank you,

    607 768 3868 cell

  48. Hi,

    I do a lot of book covers, here’s the link to my portfolio:



  49. LYLOFILM produces books and films. Our book covers are almost always used as movie posters to brand each property. Films and film posters were usually accompanied with TITLE and/or a short “logline” or “tag” that suggested what the film was about. The poster also had a predominant image (usually taken from the film) that conveyed the genre of the film.

    Advertising and promotion experts soon realized that the photo also “sold” the audience on whether or not they should see the movie. Since every book and every film is unique, the image on the cover on the poster must be created to distill the ESSENCE of the story down to the one perfect image that says a thousand words.

    Our work appears on dozens of websites.
    These are a few:

  50. Hi I illustrate childrens books but go to the Sketches button on my web and see I can do other stuff too!

  51. Hallo.
    My name is Yves De Langhe from Belgium.
    You can look at: you like.

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