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How to publish a book?

How to publish a book?

By Patricia de Hemricourt


From what I gathered during recent musings on the net, there are actually many different ways to get a book published.

Actually, there are almost too many, because, at some point, it will be necessary to decide how to proceed. So, to simplify the choosing process, I have divided it into 4 sections.

A. Publish with a traditional publishing house
B. ePublish with an online publisher
C. Self-publish using the services of professional formatters/distributors etc
D. Self-Publish on your own, breaking your head to perform the necessary formatting etc.

Now, for each of these sections, we will examine a number of criteria . The final decision will result from a careful weighing of the following criteria.

1. Upfront money investment
2. Time investment
3. Time line to publication
4. Probability of gaining access to the platform
5. Copyright retention
6. Royalties percentage for the author
7. Risk of ending with a scammer/unprofessional provider
8. Required self-involvement in marketing
9. Probability of rising to best-seller status

And now, time to decide how we will proceed to get that book published.


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