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  1. Joe says:

    Hi, I have published a nonfiction book on management / self development. It is on Amazon (Rise to the top! by Joerg Meier) – are you interested in reviewing it?

  2. nick gerrard says:

    I am an Independent Author. I have a self Published travel book out, first in e-book form and now in paperback.

    I asked my friends, in a rock group, if I could use a photograph I saw of them on facebook, for the cover.
    They granted me permission. I asked if they had the rights to the photograph and they said they did.

    Anyway, the book has been out for some time in e-book form.
    A guy who was their driver, saw that the book is now in paperback, and contacted me, ranting and raving that I stole his picture, demanding money and the threat of lawyers etc. he knew of the e-book but said nothing.

    I explained the situation to him, that I didn’t knowingly use his picture without his permission.
    He will not accept this, and wants money (he doesn’t even care about being credited)
    I did this whole thing myself, and explained to him that it is a small venture that has just got underway, And that I have received no payment in advance for the book from the publishers.

    The group believe they had the rights to give me permission to use the photograph as the said person was employed as a driver by them.
    I knew of no other person, that I should contact to ask for permission or about copyrights.

    The gentleman in question is not a Professional photographer, and was asked to just take a snap on his phone.

    Being an Independent artist, I would fully support the rights of a photographer and them having the rights to their work and believe that that person should get credited and indeed paid for their work.

    In this case, it seems to be that he thinks I am a Stephan king level author, and smells money. I have sold a few copies and it has taken me an age to get the book out there and onto online stores whilst holding onto the rights to my work. I have received no payment as yet for any books that have been sold.

    So my problem is this: I cannot afford to pay him any money. He has a copy of the picture he took on his camera, if I don’t pay him he wants the book removed. This will mean I would have to re-submit the whole thing after months of work, with a new cover and to spend money I don’t have.

    I am of course in favour of paying people for their work and crediting them. The band believe they acting in good faith, as do I. And if I had known about him before hand would have asked for his permission and credited him.

    Now I am not sure what to do? If I pay him one sum of money will he come knocking for more. Does he in fact own the copyright? I don’t think he has copyrighted it and therefore who is to stop someone else doing the same thing in the future?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for your time.
    Nick Gerrard.

  3. lazaro mur says:

    my wife and i recently got our cookbook published by iUniverse and it received a 5 Star rating in Amazon…cause for celebration.. only then to find that Google had listed over 70% of its content online without our consent.

    what can we do?

  4. I read your information about what to do before publishing a book and felt it was solid enough until I got to the part about cover design. I have been a book cover designer since the late 1980s and I cannot tell you the number of times that I had to redesign a cover for someone who had tried to create a cover themselves with miserable results or who had hired someone else who claimed to be a professional cover designer, but whose cover looked self-published.

    In all the years I have designed covers, I have been told that the gift I have is that I really get as much information about the content of the book and then create a cover design that captures the essence of the book in graphic form. If someone has a cursory understanding of Photoshop, this will not be likely to happen. A book cover has to be compelling enough to stop the viewer in their tracks and compell them to read further (the back cover or flaps, or in the case of ebooks, the synopsis.) A cover that has a less than professional cover design will probably not compell the viewer to take the next step towards buying the book.

    I feel that it is counter-productive to encourage new author/publishers to try to design their own covers. With 15 million ebook titles selling as compared to printed books, with titles numbering in the hundreds of thousands) an author needs every possible advantage to get the attention of those looking for a book to read. When it has taken months or even years to research and write their book, why would they want to compromise the success of their book by cutting corners with such an important element as their cover design?

    I feel that a professionally designed cover is worth the investment in almost every case. The exceptions may be 1. If the author just wants to publish a book for friends and family or 2. If they already have followers who will buy whatever they put in the back of their room when speaking on the subject of their book (and even in this case, wouldn’t a great cover design be a more professional way to represent your work?)

  5. Sheilagh Lee says:

    thank you for all the wonderful posts to help writers here.I have awarded you a Versatile blogger award come to my blog to get your award.

  6. toby neal says:

    Hi there,
    I’m a triberrmate- thought I’d contact you about book review or guest blogging. However, your contact widget isn’t working, gives me a 404 error when I click on it and nothing happens when I hit ’email.”

    I’ll wait to hear from you at my email address.

  7. JD Savage says:

    Great resource! I just poured through 6 or 7 articles… all absolutely relevant and timely info! Great job!

  8. Hi! I love the website, and I also loved one of the books that you reviewed (“Thief” by Sarah-Jane Lehoux). So thanks for that 🙂

    I would like to request a review of my urban fantasy/chick lit novel, “Straight to Hell”. I’m an indie author as well as a traditionally pubbed one. You can read an excerpt of my book on my website –


  9. Dan Arnzen says:

    I’ve started an e-publishing site called that bridges the gap between self publishing and traditional publishing houses. Services typically provided by the publisher are provided by freelance professionals that are part of the community.

    It’s just starting up, so credibility might be low, but it is an option. The terms are better than you’ll find anywhere else, free ISBN, authors own the rights, free storefront, OPDS, blogging, etc.

    How does the site get listed and reviewed in your list?

  10. What a great site you have!!!

  11. B A Dearsley says:

    HI PATRICIA… MANY thanks for the invite to “like” your FBook page! Please feel free to check out my book page, “Alex Mortimer & The Beast of Wildeor”! Bryan

  12. Hello,
    My name is Carlton and I’m a recently debuted author. I was wondering how I would go about getting my book, Enhanced, reviewed by your site. And also if you had any advice for new authors.
    Thank You,

  13. Amy says:

    Hi Patricia,

    Thank you for all the ebook stats from Aptara. Could you tell me please, is the original survey freely available online?

    Thank you, Amy

    1. Patricia says:

      It should be available from their website

  14. Hi, Patricia,

    Excellent articles and site. We are a bit of a different kind of publisher whose goal it is to get new writers published. We are not a self-publishing company. We don’t accept everything submitted, but if the writing is quite good, we will publish it. If we don’t accept it for publication, we can help an author with the various aspects of self-publishing — formatting, ebook conversion professional cover design, etc.
    We are authors too, and know how difficult it can be to get an agent, much less a publisher. I’ve been in publishing for decades and know the business well.
    Please consider adding us to any lists you have of ebook or pod publishers. Thanks. — Christopher Matthews Publishing and Soul Fire Press.

  15. Hi! I saw that you sent a request to follow me on Twitter (thank you!) but couldn’t approve the request for some reason and tried again, then moved the mouse over the “decline” by accident and click…yeah, it accepted that one! So sorry! Love your site, by the way.

    If you’d like to send the request again, maybe I can make it work this time. In the mean time, I’ll just browse your web site and enjoy.

  16. Ellen M KozK says:


    I’m at trying to figure out where you are located; my guess is somewhere in Europe or Great Britain.

    Just FYI, moral rights do not exist in the U.S. except for works of the visual arts that have been reproduced in fewer than 200 signed and numbered copies. The right of attribution in written materials can sometimes be approached via the U.S. trademark laws, or via a suit for plagiarism (a separate area of the law, and distinct from copyright). Ditto for the right of integrity, although if a work is so distorted that it damages an author’s reputation, it may be possible to sue under false light or defamation.

    The laws in European countries are tied to the Berne Convention; although the U.S. is signatory to Berne, those rights have not been incorporated into U.S. law.

    You might want to check out my book, “Every Writer’s Guide to Copyright and Publishing Law,” the third edition of which was published by Henry Holt/Owlet (now a part of MacMillan) in 2004. (I practice copyright, publishing and media law for a living in the U.S., in addition to being a much published author myself.)

  17. Good morning, my husband and I have published a book entitled, ” The Wagon Man.” Our book is published by How do I get our book on ereader or kindle. wants to charge us money for this. Can you help? Thank you kindly.

    1. Ellen M KozK says:

      Publishiamerica is what is known as a vanity press. It is not recommended. They take too many rights and charge you too much, and in my experience, once you have signed with them, it always costs you a considerable sum to purchase your way out of the contract. All book contracts really should be reviewed by a publishing lawyer (or at least, by a legitimate agent if that is who placed the book) before you sign them.

  18. Dave Aldrich says:

    Hi Patricia,

    I am a book cover and interior designer, responding to your LinkedIn inquiry. My website:

    And I’ve emailed you two PDF files that discuss my rates and how I work as well as other author/publisher promotional design services that I offer.

    Thanks for asking!


  19. Jaylon says:

    A good many valuables you’ve given me.

  20. Don Ford says:

    With the date – Sunday – two days away, how does one register for the Sunday Flash Fiction contest?

    1. Patricia says:

      Registration is from Sunday to Tuesday. It’s all done in a flash!

      1. Jacklyn says:

        You’ve got it in one. Couldn’t have put it better.

  21. Hi Patricia,

    As a traditionally published author, I’m now planning to self-publish the third book in my “Saucy Lucy” amateur sleuth mystery series. It’s frightning and exciting at the same time.

    I read through the information on your site and have found it very encouraging. Thank you for sharing.

    Good luck with your publishing effort and I’ll watch for your work!

  22. Ahmad says:

    Dear Friend

    Now I’m writing new book entitled Broken Line and my illustrator is designing new illustration for Math city because we want publish new edition of Math city with new publisher. Also we want to move to e-publishing. Could we work you for e-publishing?

    Best Regards
    Ahmad Amani

    1. Patricia says:

      Dear Ahmad,

      Best of luck with your book. Our blog provides information about e-publishing, but at this stage, we have no facilities for e-publishing services. Our List of ePublishing Houses Ratings is expanded daily, you are welcome to consult it if you prefer to work with a publisher rather than self-publish. Once again, best of luck 🙂

      1. Ahmad says:

        Thank you so much

  23. I’m an Illustrator. My work is geared mostly for children. Please feel free to view my portfolio at

    1. Disney says:

      Great hammer of Thor, that is powerfully helpful!

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