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Promote your book with us!

Now that your book is out there looking for readers, it needs to be seen. So why not put it here, where you were curious enough to click?

Surely others will too…

This blog has over 10.000 visits per month and growing fast! That is a lot of people who would see your book!

Just send us a picture of the book cover and a teaser with a maximum of 40 characters including spaces, a link to Amazon or another place where your book is sold and we do the rest.


For a banner

1 day: $9.99

7 days: $ 59.93 (save $10)

14 days: $124.86 (save $15)

30 days: $299.7 (save $20)

For a sponsored interview

Basic: including one link to your blog and one to your book – $75

Featured: including featured for a week in addition to the 2 links – $125

Blasted: including Twitter blast to over 150.000 Twitter followers – $250


Blasted sponsored interview + 7 days banner: $275 (save $35)

Enquire now! and book your space!

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  1. Nice to come across you site.

    My publisher is making my suspense novel “The Abduction of Mary Rose” free on Feb 17th and 18th. Put it on your calendar. Enjoy!

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